Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween....and welcome to Cinco de Goofball

What goes on at the Goofball, Stays at the Goofball - well, almost!

Thanks Bug & Gnat! The Goofball was a BLAST! I attended this party a couple of years ago and it was a great time, and I couldn't wait to get to it last night. Let's see, a couple years ago the party was hosted by Elvis and Priscilla. I went with a bunch of people, rock stars, a granny, and Elvira. But in the past couple of years, I wasn't able to attend. I had kid things to do and then I guess we were worried about drinking and driving. My sweetie doesn't like to be away from home too much, but he's getting better about venturing out, as long as we're going to be safe. So, we determined that we would be safe last night no matter what. And we were.

The winds yesterday were unreal, it was more like the prairie than Cincinnati. All afternoon we had 50+ MPH winds kicking everything up, blowing all the leaves and walnuts off the trees and gusting winds through the house like crazy. Meanwhile, at the Goofball preparation, they set up tents for the music, beer/food, and just some coverings, just in case it rained. During the wind storm the tents were blowing over and things were in general looking like the fun could end before it started. But fortunately for all of us, the winds died down, the tents were secured, the electric still worked and it was warm out! An absolutely beautiful night for a haunting :)

The party invite said it started at 4 pm, we arrived at 6:30 and I felt like I was late, even though we were not. The hosts of the party this year were old Jerry Garcia and a Deadhead Groupie. There were so many interesting characters there: young, Jerry Garcia, God's Gift to Women, a robber, a monkey - Spank the Monkey! - you have to see the pictures of him, Dieter the Porn Star, a Pirate, the Great Pumpkin, Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Madonna and of course Elvis! There were dead banditos, zombies, and the Prince of Darkness was present in a few of his many forms - obviously going for the confusion factor :) The coolest of all was the Leprachaun! His costume was totally amazing! There was a cow, with udders, a construction worker, a couple of guys with beer bongs as part of their costumes, and many, many more.

We were a Priest - Father Alcoholic and a Nun - Mother Superior. Father Alcoholic told everyone at the party that they should not drink or smoke even though he was. He asked if anyone had young sons to attend his summer camp - starting next week - haha :) It was really amusing, in bad taste and totally funny. I came equipped with a ruler, actually a yard stick, which was the stick of correction. I didn't realize how many people wanted to be spanked. I spanked quite a lot of the guests there, many of which I see everyday, all in jest!! I met so many of Bug's friends, who knew of me, and told me all the nice things that Bug says about me. I was flattered and complimented. Of course, the feeling is mutual for Bug and Gnat.

The beer was freely flowing. Hundreds of jello shots showed up with lots of great flavors. In fact, the jello shots ended up being a team building activity :) The monkey brought "Frooze" - Fruit (pineapple, mandarin oranges and ??) and Booze and not just any booze, it was Everclear the fruit had been soaking in - WOW. I ate quite a few of the pineapple and mandarin oranges - yummy, yummy, ooohh! The first person to pass out was the robber. I guess he nodded around 8:30, but was back at it about an hour later.

There was also a smorgasbord of wonderful food. Bug and Gnat made chili - very spicy hot and tasty - served with cornbread. There were mixed nuts - not the characters at the party but really Planters mixed nuts - and salsa and chips. The Dead Lady of the Cantina brought a great dip - in fact, I'm gonna make it today - it was butternut squash (and you know I love it!) with refried beans, green chilis, black beans, whole kernal corn, and I am going to add jalepeno's and taco seasoning to spice it up a little. It was really yummy with tortilla chips. There was brownies, cookies, and mini cupcakes. Plenty of food to compliment plenty of alcohol.

There were pinatas hanging all over: Bush, Cheney, Skull & Bones, Pumpkins, and my favorite - Derek Jeters. (They made that one for me because I love the Yankees and Derek Jeter and they don't like the Yankees at all - I take a razzing over that all the time!) Inside the pinatas were army men, $100 bills, a pair of Red Socks - can you guess which pinata they were in :). Billy makes the pinatas and they definitely add to the festivities.

Many people brought tents to sleep on Bug's property. It's a good idea because there was too much drinking going on, don't want to have people driving out of there. We were only planning on staying for a while because of the dogs, but once we got there and started having fun, we decided that driving was not an option. So the party was ON! Bug and Gnat gave us a guest room and it was very comfy, nice warm comforter in the upstairs of their house. I love their house. It's nicely decorated, lots of color. I really liked that. The kitchen is plum, the living room and the guest room are forest green. The living room is such a cozy room, very inviting. I noticed the other guest room has sky blue walls with clouds. Very nice. There are french doors that open to a small stoop from Bug & Gnat's bedroom. Very cool. They have a nice, roomy deck on the back of the house. It overlooks the back yard. Nice.

On their property, they have trails, a pond, a creek, fire pit, clearings, cherry, peach and apple trees, a walnut tree, a fenced in garden - which is a great idea to help keep the deer out of it. It's so quiet and peaceful and it makes me really want to start looking for a new place by next summer. Don't know yet where to look, but I would love to live out where we could have more property and more privacy. The privacy is most important. There were lots of people at the party, music playing and between the music and the crowd it was louder than I could have at my house. My neighbors would have the police at my house so fast, it would make my head spin - LOL!

We sat around the firepit, playing music, singing songs, I played a bongo for the first time ever. We joked and laughed and had the best time. Everyone was in character, which made it even more enjoyable. There is a "punishment" for not wearing a costume - Bug gives you a costume and a job - Beer Bitch and you have to wear the Beer Bitch hat and serve everyone at the party beer. Don't want that job - it's too busy!

I had a chance to spend some time with Billy and just chat. We don't get to do that too often. You know, I have known these guys since 1999. They are a great bunch of guys. I'm thankful to have them in my life. Hey, how can you not love 'em - afterall, they named me Metal Mom! I'll always be friends with them.

Overall the party was a huge success, everyone had a good time and that's what matters. Thanks Bug and Gnat, for such a great Halloween. I won't miss another.

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