Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wine Wednesday

Sushi and Carbernet Sauvignon

A group of my friends get together nearly every Wednesday for "Wine Wednesday". They try different wines, fix some lite meals, hang out and talk. I don't get to go much at all because alot of the time I'm working. But I have heard about how much fun they have and finally a couple of weeks ago my schedule permitted, and I went over to join in the fun. And it was lots of fun, laughs, stories, catching up, wine and sushi.

Tonight, I invited the "Wine Wednesday" group to my house. Unfortunately, it was an off week, most of the group had to work, so my friend came over and gave me a cooking lesson. Tonight's lesson: SUSHI! yummy! Now not sushi with fresh fish, because we are not sushi chefs, but vegetarian sushi - rice, avocados, carrots, boiled eggs, green onions, purple sweet peppers, sesame seeds, ginger and wasabi - what could be better??!? We added a wonderful, crisp, fresh salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. WOW! what a great meal!

Topped it off with a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and it was totally sweeeeeeeeet! That was my first time making maki rolls, but definitely not the last. And for those counting weight watchers points is was approx 2-3 pts for the maki rolls, salad was 0 pts and 2 pts for each glass of wine. I think my dinner was a total of 6-8 pts!! So it was very satisfying and great tasting. Later this week, I'm going to make Miso Soup and more maki rolls. It's a great way to eat, so if you haven't tried it, I highly suggest it. FANTASTIC!!

And I can't say enough about the company! We've been best friends forever and we had a gab-fest to boot! good food, great wine and a best friend! Thanks for coming over!

Maybe by the next time it's my turn to host everyone, I'll have a new kitchen - counter, bright colors on the walls, and floor, it's definitely time!


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Democratic Girl said...

If you try making vegetarian sushi again, you should pick up some "inari" at a local Japanese or Asian market. Inari are sweet, pre-made, tofu pockets. They are golden in color, and they open up, making it easy to stuff rice (or whatever else you want) into them. They're addictive.

Check them out.>