Friday, October 15, 2004

Great Week

Busy but Great!

It's Thursday night and the work week is almost over. I've got meetings all day tomorrow and have to go downtown to attend them. They aren't in the same location, so I'll be running from one side to another and only have about 15 min in between to park and arrive on time. It will be fun :)

But it's really been a great week:
> I golfed for the first time and experienced sore wrists, as a result. But the golfing was totally fun and I didn't do so bad for my first time. My shots were straight and I didn't end up in the water, woods, or rough. I didn't hit trees. I hit the ball pretty straight and my longest drive was about 124 yds - pretty good!
> I didn't lose any weight due to so much wonderful food that was served at the golf outing and I think that I drank a few too many for the week. Gotta watch it this week.
> I am behind in a few deliverables to my manager - but will give it my best to complete them on time. But all my client deliverables are good to go!
> Got compliments for my team from our clients :)
> But my favorite moment was 'mending a fence' with a favorite person. I am the "peacemaker" and I just can't stand it when there is some sort of discourse. So now, it's just such a wonderful feeling - it's made my week! Celebrate, happy, happy, joy, joy :)

It's late and I gotta crash, but not till I celebrate one more time! Yeah!

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