Sunday, October 03, 2004

Heavenly Thoughts

Sunday Night

Today, I managed to set this up and learn about this tool, got my website started, and believe me, it didn't take much for me to do that. We worked in the garden today, repotted the chives, stripped the basil and terragon off before a freeze, repotted a few other plants to get them ready to bring back in. We still have the love plants, avocado tree, lots of house plants and need to have room for them :)

I want to have a yard sale, possibly this week, but more than likely the following - before it gets too cold. I have to lighten my load, get rid of a bunch of 'stuff'. I will probably put some things on eBay, so I'll be sure to update this with the links to my eBay auctions, just in case you are interested.

It's time for me to plan for my week. I hope it is not as busy as the last two weeks, even though I had an extremely good time. I know I have lots to do this week, have to get caught up, but I can do it. Plus I plan on taking Friday off so I can do some things around the house.

I read a great article in Woman's Day about easy steps to keep the house clean. I know what you must be thinking....and YES, I know how to clean my house, but this article was packed full of ideas to save time cleaning. Great tips like:

  • use car wax every 4 or 5 months on the shower walls and door to save time cleaning on a weekly basis

  • once a week, drop a cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl to help prevent stains

  • use disposable toilet cleaners that reuse the handle and throw away the cleaning pad

  • use a hepa filtered vacuum cleaner - I have one and I love it! Did you know that it picks up 99.97% of air-borne dust and hair including teeny tiny particles. I have dogs and this is REALLY important. After I vacuum, I just can't believe what it pulls out of the carpet.
  • use a better furnace filter than the "cheapies" - I use Filtrete, change it every 2 months and it really helps to cut down how much dust I have in my house.

  • clean a little bit everyday - like 30 minutes - pick one thing each day instead of spending all day or all weekend cleaning

  • keep all the cleaning supplies in each bathroom, kitchen areas, etc. so you can clean as you go. It helps prevent toothpaste or grease build up

just to name a few ideas :) great tips, pick up the magazine !!

Well, I'm gonna have fun with this blog, I can tell. Hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think.

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