Thursday, June 29, 2006

feeling pretty good

Heavenly Thoughts

woke up this morning feeling pretty good considering my workout and how tired I was last night. It was nice to wake right up and get to work at 5am!! There had been people here working all night (planned work) on a migration project. These have to be done in the middle of the night when there's less traffic on the site. Less disruption to our client's commerce.

But it's a good day. I'm feeling pretty good. Gearing up for a nice, long weekend. :)

working out

Heavenly Thoughts

Joined 24-Hr Fitness with my family a couple of weeks ago. I joined to make a permanent change in my body. I am going to give it my best. So far, it's been pretty good. I had my second meeting with a personal trainer tonight. It went really well. We did some strength training, some with the exercise ball and some with machines. crunches, arms, back, legs. Plus cardio. So it's about a 50 min workout. So now, it's my new thing to do 3 x / week. We took a "before" picture with the hope that there will be a wonderful "after" picture. That's my goal. Don't know how long it will take to get there, but I'll just plug away "one day at a time".

Plus, we might have visitors this weekend! My oldest daughter and her girlfriend. It's both of their birthdays. Hoping they can come and have a great time!!

Happy 4th!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rare Weather in San Diego

Thunder! Storms! Hell, it's June!!

We were at the laundry mat early Saturday morning and out of the blue, the skies got overcast, loud claps of thunder and within a few minutes the heavens opened up and it rained good and hard!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS IN JUNE IN SAN DIEGO!! You should have seen the looks on everyone in the laundry mat! (Besides the fact that at 6:30am there were people there to have looks on their faces!)

Wow! It was just like in the mid-west! It even smelled the same as in a good summer rain - kind of like iron or something. mmmmmmmm. Made me homesick. :)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Calorie Counter

I put a permanent link to the Calorie King counter on the side - please come back as often as you like to use it. I find it to be VERY helpful in watching what I order in restaurants.

The fastest two weeks ever!

Heavenly Thoughts

Didn't realize that it's been 2 weeks since I wrote. Time flies when you're having fun!! Actually, it wasn't all that much fun - it was stressful - we were house hunting, actually found a condo that met all of our needs, put in an offer on it, was insulted by the seller and turned down the counter offer. So, we're just going to put it off for another 6 months. It was too stressful for now.

Work is going well. My projects are moving right along and delivering on time looks positive. I will keep managing and pressing forward. I do love it! I always love my work and now that I have internal clients, I am finding that they are often more demanding than external customers. But then in the past, I have had some the BEST CUSTOMERS EVER!!! Delivered some very challenging projects, fun websites and done it really well. Many of my customers and I are still friends!!

Health Update:
1. I have to have surgery (probably in Sept) on my right foot. It's reconstructive surgery as 3 of my toes are dislocated and my foot hurts like hell!! Don't know exactly how it happened, but it will be great to get it fixed. Then after that's done, I'll have the left foot done, it's a little less intense, but still needs some reconstruction. I hope to be able to work from home for a few weeks and then come into the office for several months with an orthopedic boot.

2. My honey REALLY needs a Kidney. He's type B blood, so type B and O could be a potential donor. He was just in the hospital this past week because his kidneys are not processing too well, he's holding water like crazy and it was settling in his lungs. They gave him lasics (sp?) interveinously and as a result from Sunday to Tuesday night he lost almost 20 lbs of just water!! (I'm jealous of his losing that much weight!! just joking!) He's home and doing great - went right back to work Wednesday. But it won't be long - he'll have to have a kidney transplant and we would like it to be before the dialysis if possible. PLEASE PRAY FOR A KIDNEY FOR HIM.

3. Joined a gym, so now I am more serious than ever to lose weight. I am following weight watchers diet, although the gym is suggesting certain vitamins to help me in my weight loss and health vernture. I take vitamins right now, so when I get low and it's time to buy, I'll consider it. I even have a personal trainer who is going to get me started. I have 5 hours with him, so I don't know how much we can accomplish in that time, but if I spread it out to 1 visit per week and he helps me design a great workout over that 5 weeks, I think I'll be well on my way. It's only been a couple of days, but already I feel like I'm making some headway - going to the gym, trying to get in to a regular routine. Making it part of my day. Prefer the early morning time and this gym is open 24 hours! that's wonderful.

I guess not too much else is happening. Hope you have a nice weekend and I will try to write more often. We're heading out and about this weekend, I'll post some pictures next week!

Friday, June 09, 2006

love to write

Would love to write a book

I would love to write a book, for years I've wanted to write a book. But I don't know what to write about. Certainly there are some interesting tales about myself that I could write. I could write about past relationships and how fucked up there were; this fairy-tale relationship I'm currently living; being a parent; being a woman; being a friend. Oh so many things.

Could be fiction, could be non-fiction.

The problem - where to start, how to start, how to structure it, what to do. Oh my. Any suggestions?? I guess I should just start. period.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

50th Congressional District

Congrats to Brian Bilbray

I live north (by a few miles) of the 50th congressional district, but the race to replace Cunningham has been heated. I just wanted to congratulate Brian Bilbray for winning the race and beating Busby. She is too "out there", campaigning to illegal aliens, promoting amnesty and illegal activity.

Perhaps our new house will be in the 50th district, so I'll be able to vote for him myself!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Our Anniversary

It's been a year TODAY!!

A year ago today was when I received the fateful phone call that changed EVERYTHING!! My honey called me after all these years and the rest is history. Look where we are now!!

Can't wait to announce the wedding!

House Hunting!!

it's getting serious!

I now have a realtor and am working with a lender. OH MY!! Didn't think I'd be doing this so quickly.

Plus we found out that he is going to have to start his dialysis really soon. I'm so sad for him, but I will help him the best I can. I'm glad to be here.

Speaking of being here with him - tomorrow it's been a year since he first called me after 30 years!! We're going out to dinner to celebrate, I just love being with him.