Saturday, December 31, 2005

Alaska was so beautiful there! We spent time with his youngest son and his girlfriend. They were so cool. My kind of kids - into metal, wore concert t-shirts and shopped at Hot Topics! He's into skate boarding and is a very cool person. The drive from the airport to the hotel did not reveal the beauty that I was about to experience in the morning. Well......not quite stays dark until around 10:30 am and doesn't get very light even at that. Here's a few pictures to show you what I mean.

The second day we were there it ended up being kind of sunny. I'll write more later, I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'll post pics and write more details on the trip!

God Bless!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Wow! it's been the most wonderful Christmas! I'm so happy that I had time with my kids last week and got to see my friends and family. That got the holidays off on a good foot and yesterday was more wonderful that I could even imagine. I received many, many gifts. I'll mention them later, but that's not the most important part. I spent time on the phone talking with my children alot, several of my cousins, nieces and nephews, friends and tried to reach several others.

We opened presents in the morning and boy, was it ever fun! The night before, we left the Christmas lights on in the house and the tree lit. It is one of his traditions that I've never done before. It was cool, made me feel like we were leaving the lights on for Santa :) Then in the morning, we made coffee, ate a cinnamon roll that we had made the night before and started opening presents. (I'll list them later)

Today we're leaving for Anchorage to spend Christmas with his kids. I'm nervous and excited to meet them. They are grown up, so whether they like me or not it won't matter in one way, but it sure would be nice for them to like me. We are not going to have alot of time with them, 2 days, but at least we will get to have Christmas with them. We're going to open presents tomorrow!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a safe, prosperous and loving New Year!!

God Bless!

Friday, December 23, 2005

71 Degrees!

Its was cold out here in Fresno before I went to Cincinnati for a visit. Averaging around 40 to 50 in the day in 20 to 35 at night. Brrr! But we're having heat wave and today its beautiful out. 71 degrees! perfect for me!

Heading to the movies. Going to sea Narnia! Then do a little shopping for his kids. God love him, he hasn't seen then in about 10 years! I couldn't do it. I have to see mine every few months!

Merry Christmas to all!
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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Pray for my cousin

waiting to hear test results

My cousin is in Bethesda North Hospital in Montgomery. He's waiting to hear all the test results, but he's in the cardiac unit, working with a cardiac specialist and a pulmonary specialist. They have identified 2 masses in his chest, calling it Cancer, but waiting for the biopsy results.

Please pray for him. He's been through enough in his life. It would just be good for him to go home, spend Christmas with his family and live the rest of his life in peace. He's 80 years old, has a wonderful, loving family and is loved by his friends and ex-co-workers. He's a retired Cincinnati Homocide Detective.

Thanks for praying for him!!

Made it home safely

And preparing for Christmas and another trip!!

Thanks for the photos, Joe! I appreciate it sooo much!! Hey, everyone listen to Joe's radio show. I think he's only got a couple more to go then he's "retiring". So young to be retiring. I think that Clear Channel should hire you, pay you and give you a paid radio slot!!

My trip ended up being a very nice one. Planes on time, not too crowded, empty seats, in fact!! My presents made it home safely, afterall they were all glass and I packed them so carefully...My kids were great to me to give me such nice presents. We made Appletini's last night and used the special glasses (beautiful crystal with cobalt blue accents!) and the bar set with sugars, mixers and shaker. I loved it and he had never had an Appletini before. He didn't realize how strong they are, but also how good!! YUMMY!!

When I got home on Monday, I could tell how much he missed me! He had chinese food waiting for me, hugged and kissed me tighter and better than ever!! We had a great evening, talked and was really glad to see each other. I loved seeing my kids and spending time with them...and I loved coming home too. It's a mixed bag, living so far away.

I got a Christmas gift from my realtor --- AN ACCEPTED OFFER ON THE HOUSE!!!! Now it's just a matter of the inspection and any repairs requested. I PRAY IT WILL GO SMOOTHLY. If it does, we have a closing on Jan 26th. That would be GREAT!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!

Other BIG news: Planned the wedding! May 20th in Cincinnati. We'll have a small wedding and then a BIG bash afterwards!! I hope the wedding will be at the Gazebo in Eden Park by Mirror Lake. I always wanted to marry him there as a teen and now I have the opportunity! It would be beautiful. Then we are thinking of having the reception at Bechtold Park in Deer Park. We wanted to have it at my best friend's house, but realize it might rain, so we don't want to have a spoiled party due to weather. I still have lots of details to work out, but I will keep you posted.

I'm thinking a hippie theme for the wedding, flowers in my hair, flowing skirt, sexy top, he can wear jeans...very casual. But then, it could be a Luau theme, very casual, lots of fun, already have the decor - serve hawaiian foods and drinks. But you know me, I'll go round and round for a while until I am sure of what will be PERFECT!!!

Definitely having a DJ - not sure if it will be my cousin or my good friend. I
don't care which it is, it will be nice to dance, sing and even maybe karaoke!! That would be lots of fun. Oh well, there's time to work out the details and get invites out!! Hope you can make it.

We're going to Anchorage for a few days right after Christmas. I'm really excited, I've never been to Alaska!! I'll take lots of pictures and put them in my Flickr account. Going to meet my new sons!! yippee!! Hey, do you like my Flickr badge? It's cool, isn't it? I'm still updating the pictures - names and captions - but it's cool to have it posted. My blog is really turning into my personal website. I love it!!

I'm off to buy Christmas Dinner food, planning our cookie baking day, have 11 days off with my sweetheart! and am looking forward to the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year EVER!!


Monday, December 19, 2005

Flying home

Funny, home used to be where I am coming from and now I'm leaving to go to California, which is now home. I'm gonna miss my kids so much. It was great to see them. I woke them up this morning before I left to tell them I love them and already miss them!

I pray for them to be safe and sound. I hope they all keep jobs and have money to live on because I can't help them. No job no money!

The good thing is they are all 3 together. They will take care of each other. That comforts me. I taught them to look after each other and that family is number 1. They will be good to each other. Thanks kids. You're the greatest kids on earth!

So now I'm going home to my sweetheart. He loves me so much and I love him. Its fantastic to be with him. He treats me so good! We'll celebrate Christmas together, our first one in 30 years!! I don't think we ever have presents to each other way back then! But this year it is different. We'll take care of each other and give presents to show our love to each other.

We're getting ready to take presents to his kids for Christmas. It will be wonderful going to Alaska. We're baking cookies for them just like we did for mine. We're going to take them out and about and just have a nice time. 2 days then come home to relax.

Home is where the heart is so first time in my life I have MANY homes because my heart resides cost-to-coast!!!
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Sunday, December 18, 2005

My trip is over

Sun, Dec 18, 2005

I'm leaving in the morning to go back to California. I'm going to miss the kids again, especially my youngest daughter. I'm just not ready to let her go yet. She's not ready to be on her own. She's starting school in a few weeks and has to work, pay for school and some bills. Doesn't sound like much but then there's books, gas, food and more. I know she'll be fine but it would just be easier if I could help.

I had a great time. My kids are so much fun to be with. We laughed and laughed. Told stories and had fun. We went everywhere together for 4 days and talked a lot. I cooked a few meals for them and they loved that!

Today was Beka's birthday. We hung out, watched some movies, ate dinner, had some friends over, watched the Bengals WIN!! WHO-DEY!!!!! Very cool day, first Bengals game that I've gotten to see all season.

I'm going to bed. I have to get up very early to go to the airport. As much as I will miss them, I want to get home to my honey. I miss him too! Its been a tough decision to move to CA and now its tough leaving everyone behind. Maybe Beka will come to CA!! I can hope and pray for that!
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Saturday, December 17, 2005


The visit is going great! I did not get to see as many people as I would like, but I am doing the most important thing - spending as much time as possible with my kids and family. We've had some BIG fun, lots of laughter, lots of serious fun. I have been cracking up with these guys. They are a trip.

It's great because we are all together. Eating together, seeing each other every day, staying at my oldest daughter's house. It's very satisfying seeing everyone interact. The only thing that could make the visit even better would have been that my honey could've been here with me. That would've made it a complete family Christmas!!

On my way in on the flight, I watch Polar Express. Of course, like all holiday films it was very sentimental, a story about an unbelieving boy, takes a trip on the Polar Express, experiences several events that change his mind and he becomes a believer. It was a very nice story. And I always cry at sentimental movies - this one was no different because the holidays are always a time for family and loved ones. A time to come together and share the spirit of Christmas - the love that Jesus had for us expressed to each other the best we know how. So, already on the plane, I was anxious to see the kids, to share the love.

And I would say that this trip was very successful at that!

We opened presents last night and boy, were they surprised! I didn't have much money to spend, since I'm still spending on the house. I only gave them a few gifts, all with a dollar spending limit on each person. Plus, I had to give birthday and Christmas presents to Jake & Beka. :) But, my honey came through and saved the day. He's a wonderful man!! Loves us very much!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Flying today

My reassigned flights have been great! No problems at all. Got on my flight to SLC with my cookies! I have 3 big containers full of cookies, brownies and treats. Plus I have a muffin for me to eat, mags to read and the Christmas cards to hand out. And presents too! I feel like Santa Claus! Ho ho ho!!!

I met a nice woman on the flight. She lives in Merced, CA and was heading to Billings, MT. We talked about the Central Valley and SO CA, the FOG, Cars, jobs, our kids, the weather, elderly parents, vacations, and the holidays. We definitely bonded! Funny how people meet and just are comfortable with a stranger. It happens to me ALL the time.

Then the wait at SLC airport was quick. Now I'm on my Cinti flight. I love flying in and out of Salt Lake. The mountains are amazing! My flight is empty. Practically. I have a 3 seat row to myself. Yippee! I'm gonna stretch out, sleep, and try to watch the movie.

Can't wait to see everyone. I haven't seen them since October 3rd! I do miss them. But its a healthy missing them. Not neurotic, you know, like obsessing over missing them. Its good to let them grow up and miss them. They should have their own lives just as I should too.

Well I'm here! Merry Christmas! Let the celebrations begin!
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The Happy Couple

Merry Christmas!!

For those of you who want to see a better picture of my MAN, here it is.

We are sooooooooo happy! Our relationship is so fulfilling and has literally survived the test of time - 33 years - without even being together it lasted all these years. It's a strong love - true and eternal!!

Happy New Year!!

Happy Trails

Although I don't feel the snowy effects of winter as much as other parts of the country, I have learned of a new phenomenon first hand. FOG and I mean FOG as thick as PEA SOUP!! My friend, Joe, says it's called TULLEY FOG. I don't know why the heck it's named that, but he used to live in Sacramento and seems to know.

Anyway, the fog has an affect - like ZERO visibility on the ground. It rolls in from San Francisco Bay and gets stuck here in the San Jacquin Valley. It just lies here on the ground all day and all night. It is so dense that you can't even see the front of your car early in the morning. It seems to lighten up some during the day - but it hasn't totally gone away. It just "hangs" above the ground and when you are driving past the farms you can see it hovering the earth. Wierd!!

Today, it affected my travel back to Cincinnati. I had a 6:25am flight out of Fresno that was cancelled due to fog! So, instead of arriving at 3:30pm, hoping to beat any bad weather in Cincinnati, I'm arriving at 10 pm in the midst of a "wintry mix". Now for those of us from Cincinnati, we know what that means - it means snow, rain, freezing rain, below 32 degrees, icey roads, crappy weather!! Brrrrrrrrrr!

I know I'll get there and I'll have a great time once I'm there. I pray my bags get there at the same time as I do! And I pray that my planes arrive safely. And that all my driving back in town is safe driving.

So, now here's another glitch - Jake is coming into Cincinnati from the Nederlands tonight as well. However, he failed to provide any flight information, the time he thinks he's arriving doesn't match any flight schedule into Cincinnati and we now THINK he has another ride. :) It's gonna be a fun and interesting day!!

Happy you..........

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ready to Go

The cookies are baked, the suitcases are being packed, my sleigh has gas in it, my wallet is "fat" NOT, and I'm on my way to see my kids. It will be so good to get to Cincinnat to them. I will be totally loaded down and I hope I just have an easy time of it getting on and off planes with all my stuff.

I wish you a very merrry Christmas and a blessed season with your friends and families.

God Bless You!! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Planning a trip to Cincinnati

This is my week to go home and visit my family and friends! I won't have a long time there, about 5 nights, so I have to cram alot into each day. It will be good to see everyone. We're going to celebrate my 2 youngest kids' birthdays - Jake 21 and Beka 19 - then celebrate Christmas a little early this year. I have some of my bags already packed, one huge suitcase full of Christmas presents, one medium sized suitcase full of Beka's stuff and a small suitcase of clothes for me plus a shopping bag with cookies and more presents!! Wow! I FEEL LIKE SANTA CLAUS!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going out to sushi dinner with friends, will celebrate my best friend's birthday, then I'm going to a Christmas party, Krohn Conservatory with a friend, watch the Bengals game, go to a business meeting, check on my house, do a little shopping, try to land a winter coat for cheap to wear to Alaska, hang out with my kids, open presents and not sleep a bit! I'll save the sleeping for the flight home!! I will miss my honey, there is no doubt. I am already feeling the pangs of being away from him for 5 days. Funny, how things I live here and am visiting my home in Cincinnati. And to be honest, I miss the people there, I miss my job and stuff - but again it's all about the people, but I don't miss Cincinnati. I LOVE living here because he's so great to me.

You know, he does so many nice things for me. He does EVERYTHING nice for me! He is my everything! I wish the kids were able to come here to see me and him in our own environment. I wish they could see how wonderful he is to me every day. They would be so happy to see him in action. You know, our love has stood the test of time and we weren't even together! I'm so happy that this is how things worked out. There were many years of sadness, loneliness and bullshit but now, it's "normal". Or at least "normal" to me. It's a life of love and companionship and great intimacy and fun. Just a life of love, like it would have been if we had just stayed together. It's as if none of the other bullshit has happened. :-)

Well, I hope to see you next week! If I don't get to, I hope you understand. I have such a full schedule, it will just be hard to squeeze anything else in!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Need Professional Carpet Cleaner

Any Recommendations??

I need to know of any specials, coupons, savings of any kind for carpet cleaning in Cincinnati. I need to have my carpets cleaned at my house. They were cleaned before, but need it one more time. I sort of suspected this, but the girls didn't really let me know. It's not that expensive and maybe that's a reason why the house is not moving too quickly. Or at least one of the reasons.

Please comment back or email me if you know.

Lots of snow at home

6 or 7 inches!!

Well, I for one am glad that I missed it, but my sweetie wishes he was there with the girls to enjoy snow! He is nuts!! I mean, it looks good for a few, until the dogs have at it or until the snow plows come through and throw the snow up the side of the road - it's dirty and looks terrible. Then there's the shoveling, scraping, cold hands, wet feet, and YIKES!!

It's cold here, but at least it's not snowy in the valley. But we're going to Yosemite tomorrow to take a drive through the mountains and enjoy the snow.

Enjoy the snow, I'll see you next week!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My utility bill

remember, no one lives here

I just got my cinergy bill. wow! I find it hard to believe, $121!!! No one lives there and the heat is set really low - like 58 degrees, maybe even 55 degrees, I'm not quite sure. When I go home for a visit, I will see what it is and what is causing it to be so much. They are reading the meter so I know it's accurate.

The only electric thing I have running is the dehumidifier. I'll check i it can run periodically or scheduled. If so, I'll change it. But there's no lights on, there's no appliances running. Only the furnace and the dehumidifier!!

Christmas Preparations

It’s been a week since I’ve written and that is a surprise even to me. I guess I’ve been busy getting things ready for Christmas. You know, since I’m not working, I am the one that has time to get everything done. And honestly, I love it!! This is the first time in years that I have had time to do all the errands, shopping, decorating, wrapping, card writing, all ahead of time. This makes the holidays more relaxing and fun! We have everything done! All presents wrapped and under the tree, all decorating done, all ornaments on the tree, I am even almost done with writing my cards!

This past Friday, we went to get our Christmas tree. We drove to a farm (didn’t have to go too far!) that raises trees and sells them freshly cut or you can cut your own. They were really nice there and had some beautiful trees. We bought a Douglas Fir, which is a kind that I have purchased for my home in the past. It’s a great tree, 8 feet tall, nice and full, smells so good. But there’s something different about it. It’s FLOCKED!! Have you ever seen a flocked tree? I have not until this year! For those of you that are like me and don’t know what flocking is – here’s what they do. They take the freshly cut tree, mount it to a stand, spray it with this glue and “stuff” mixture, like with a spray paint gun and this white stuff sticks to the tree and looks like snow. It’s beautiful. And it’s supposed to help keep the moisture in the tree and help it not dry out so quickly.

I’ve got all the presents ready to go, I just have to get everything packed now. I have some of my daughter’s things that she left here, so I’m going to pack up the clothes and bring them back with me. Her other things I will just pack them up today and send them off. I think I’ll UPS them just because UPS is more reliable than the post office. Besides, I have had problems with the post office here in Hanford. They are very, very slow to deliver mail. I don’t feel confident that they will get it sent out quick enough.

I’m going home next week to see my kids and our families!! I’m going to see a few friends, but I won’t be home long enough to see everyone that I would like to. It was hard getting return flights the closer it got to Christmas, so I had to cut my trip short – heading to Cincinnati on Wednesday, heading back home on Monday. But in that time, I have crammed quite a bit into it. It will be fun and I know it will go fast, too fast. But we are going to celebrate Christmas and Birthdays ( My son will be 21 and my youngest daughter will be 19. It will be great to have everyone together.

You may recall that my son has been in the Nederlands, meeting new Christians, celebrating life in Christ, learning more and becoming more prepared to do Missionary work. I’m not sure of his immediate plans. I think he’s planning on staying in Cincinnati for a while, then heading to Switzerland, then to the Philippines. Hopefully he will heed the political environment of the Philippines prior to going there. The other day the U.S. Embassy closed because of bomb threats. If he goes, I will just have to be a nervous Mom and pray a lot more than I do now for his safety. But anyway, for the moment, we will all be together next week! We haven’t been together in 2 ½ months.

Merry Christmas to everyone!