Sunday, October 17, 2004


Healthy Diet

I have been learning to cook a healthier diet than ever in my life. Been attending weight watchers and am really motivated, plus learning to cook 'better' has been a real plus. I've been learning to cook with spices and drawing extra flavor naturally! It's so cool because I'm really learning alot and my recipes are turn out great!

Thanks to Democratic Girl for suggesting trying inari with my sushi. I'll definitely pick it up and try it. The pic was helpful, so I know what it's supposed to look like.

I love soup and I have end of the season veggies coming out of my garden now, so I've got some soup recipes that I'm gonna try, then I'll post them here if they turn out as good as I think they will. Some of them I'm creating and some are already posted on other websites. Plus, I have apples from my apple tree, so I'm off to experiment with some pear and apple recipes. yummy! Amd the best part is that I'm cooking better than ever and losing so much weight! It's a great trade-off - feel AND look better!

The kitchen is calling....homemade Beef BBQ for my football lovers to watch the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns play....then low-fat chili, apple 'something' and lots of fun :)

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