Monday, April 23, 2018


I'm always amazed at how busy we all are. I work so many hours these days and when I'm not working, I'm still so busy. Life is busy. Appointments, yard work, grocery shopping, food prep, laundry, obligations, all the things that take my time. I rarely have time for the things that I love to do - like dinners with friends and family, seeing my hubby, visiting my house in FL, and KNITTING.

Hubby is in Ohio with me right now, so that has been nice. I've taken a break from some of the errands because he is here to do them for me. That's always a BIG help. Plus we do things together, movies, dinners, time .... it's the BEST when he's here. but he's not here that much. And I don't get to visit him that much. 

I was able to make an effort over the last few weeks to find time to knit. And it's a beautiful piece. I feel like I am able to accomplish something. But am still busy. The kind of busy-ness that I enjoy.

Speaking of busy...gotta go, have to make some breakfast. 

"...And in the end... The love you take is equal to the love you make." ---The Beatles
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