Sunday, January 06, 2013

Preparing a Survey: Perception & Involvement in Adoption

I am currently writing survey questions and will be sending out the link to everyone I can asking for participation. My goal is to gather as much information I can about everyone's perception and involvement in adoption. I want to show that almost everyone knows someone that has been adopted or has been affected by adoption in some way, large or small. 

If you are reading this blog, then I would ask you to participate. As soon as the survey is live, I will be posting the link on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and any other place I can think of!! I plan to create a Facebook page that will support the survey, request people to tell their "stories" about adoption and to showcase the survey results.

I'm very excited! This has been in the makings for years. I always knew I would write a book about my experiences but they seem so uneventful and only interesting to me and my family. However, a collection of other experiences is powerful! That's what I want to do - publish a book that is powerful about the truth of adoption.

"...And in the end... The love you take is equal to the love you make." ---The Beatles
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