Sunday, September 28, 2008


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I spend my Saturday mornings with a friend of mine, out "JUNKING".

What is JUNKING?? We go to Yard Sales.

Not only do we go to yard sales, we have lists of things we are looking for, then we prioritize the yard sales that we want to go to.

This summer has been pretty successful:
16' house ladder
car roof carrier for Jake
stihl chainsaw
warner iron skillet (replaces the one I sold a few years ago)
warner soup pots
beautiful wicker furniture with pads for my SUN room (my latest acquisition)
lots of jewelry
an entire autumn wardrobe
spring form pan for my honey (looking forward to homemade cheesecakes)
lots of small flower pots & home decor
a beautiful runner for my front hallway
a door stop
a box of butterfly surprises for my baby girl
Christmas gift sets, brand new in the box still
Tommy Hilfiger bedding
designer purses/bags
dog bowl
set of antique glasses
meat grinder
pictures for the house
yard torches
and lots more

Total spent on all of this over the course of the summer: Approx $250-$300. I could have spent that much on the wicker furniture alone!!

Totally cool - what a great way to save money and RECYCLE!! Support your local yard sales!!

"...And in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make."

---The Beatles

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Surgery Update

Yep, the long awaited left-foot surgery was this past Thursday. You may recall that in December 2006 I had reconstructive surgery on my right foot and the recovery was horrible, long, drawn out, painful, and I think I never even wore a regular shoe until April or May of the following year! This is NOTHING like that!! THANK GOD!!

The procedure included breaking the halex (big toe) bone about halfway between my toe and foot joints. Then he secured it with titanium brace, screwed it down to hold it in place. That will help to straighten out the bone thus the toe. Then my second toe bone and toe are too long, which is the source of these problems. He shortened my toe. He's counting on my foot readjusting itself. The procedure was less than 1 hr. I was home a little more than 2 hrs after the surgery started. Very Cool!

My honey is here taking good care of me. I'm so relieved, I couldn't have done any of these without his support and help. He's cooking for me, giving me moral support, helping me around the house, driving me crazy (but in a good way). He's sweet. The dogs have been really good too. Charlie, the wiener dog, is steering clear of me - maybe it's the surgical shoe, maybe it's the cane - but whatever it is, he's not getting in my way at all. Snicker has been great, he follows me around, makes sure I get where I'm going, sits and waits for me to get done or get in bed or get into the chair - it's more than cute. Then, he just hangs out and watches me.

Thursday was a breeze, in fact, they sent me home walking on my heel into the house. Instructions pretty simple: elevate foot, intermittent ice packs, only walk to go to the bathroom and wear the surgical shoe and walk on my heel. That all sounds pretty simple. Until Friday!!!! OMG! It was painful! My strategy for Friday was to stay in bed (close to the bathroom) and take enough drugs to sleep all day. It was a good strategy and I only came into the living room Friday night to watch the Presidential Debate.

Saturday, I saw a marked improvement, so I came into the living room and camped out all day. Stayed off the phone, took lots of drugs, ice packs, and just recouped all day. The best part, I really got good sleep when I went to bed - I actually slept from 11pm - 4am before I took more pain killers. The cool part, I woke up and listened to 2 hoot owls in my back yard calling to each other. It was sooooo sweet! I loved it. The dogs were quiet, and didn't react to them hooting out there.

And today, I'm feeling even better. Wow, I've been up since 7 and only taken 1 pain pill about an hr ago. But I'm still keeping it elevated, iced and only going to the bathroom and walking on the heel. I'm very hopeful that the rest of the week I will feel better and better. I think I'll take Monday and Tuesday off - but by Wednesday, I should be able to get involved some - just check in and read emails. Maybe I can have friends over by Wednesday night for wine night! Wouldn't that be good!

"...And in the end
The love you take
is equal to the love you make."

---The Beatles

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