Thursday, July 05, 2012

Difficult People

We all have them in our lives - difficult people. The thing I don't get is what is to gain by being difficult. I've always found that the best policy is to be a team-player, honest, straight-forward and factual but not confrontational and accusatory.

I've left jobs before because of difficult bosses. It can become a living hell if you don't have a manager that is on your side. I know managing people is not for everyone and some are better at it than others. But even if the manager is "so-so" as long as they are a team player it works out. It those that are difficult that make people give up and move on.

I'm reminiscent today, never regretted my decision to move on when faced with difficult managers - especially when I've tried to initiate change. Adios! Moving on to bigger and brighter things.

And the same can be said in personal relationships. I was always searching for my life partner but never could be happy and always picked someone that ended up being difficult. Yikes. Always leads to frustration and heartache.

And now in my life I've managed to be in a great relationship, have wonderful children and grandchildren, and a job that is perfect for me. So all the difficult people in my past have helped me achieve what I have today.

Thanks to them and thanks to me!