Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cool interview today

Cool interview today!

Not too often in your career that you can walk out of an interview and say that it was really cool. But today, I had that experience. Even if I don’t get the job, I wish them the best and I will look for them to do great things.

Randall Snyder, authored this book: Wireless Telecommunications Networking with ANSI-41 (Hardcover).  I interviewed with him this morning, pretty cool, huh?!? Well, you know I always say to follow the successful people, you’ll be successful too. The job is an Internal Program Manager to help out with processes, implementation, coordination, communication. I believe I could really make a difference there. They are a growing company, growing pretty fast, and have great technology products. It’s exciting, they just need to get some control on what’s going on with all of their work. I could coordinate for them and help organize and stay on top of things.

Besides, they are a good company, culture that is inline with what I like. Plus, they seem like they have the same goals I do – success – dollars – early retirement! All of those things are appealing to me.

Well, I would like to hear from them later today, but I don’t know, I’ll just have to wait…..wait and see……..

Whirlwind First Week

Whirlwind First Week!!

I LOVE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!! the weather is perfect, the scenery is fantastic – mountains everywhere I look, canyons, lots of green (for now because it’s winter) and houses in the most unlikely places!! It’s been a great first week – just perfect. He makes everything just perfect for me. I don’t think that I expected it to turn out so wonderful!!

First of all, I had lots of interested in my resume and ended up with 6 face-to-face interviews, 3 phone interviews and this week I have 4 face-to-face interviews with a possible 5th. I want to meet with a few more to make a decision, plus I think out here I need to interview quite a few people because there is a lot of job competition.

I made the final cut with Gateway Computers, so I meet with another peer PM and the VP of IT on Friday.

But then on the “soft” side of life, we are having such a nice time. I mean, I have everything put away, organized and we can find everything we need. That’s so terrific considering I had interviews and had time to get it all together.

PLUS, we had time to go out and about over the weekend. He took me to Harbor Island and Shelter Island. We were looking for a specific restaurant, but he couldn’t find it. We’ll try again. Anyway, it was very cool driving around both of them. They are by the San Diego Airport and from those shorelines I could see North Island Naval Airbase where he works. It was so cool because I’ve seen the base from Coronado, which is where the base is located, but I could only see the entrance. But from this view, I could see some of the hangars, some of the buildings – just not his. The base is pretty big considering it shares Coronado with some of the wealthiest residents in southern CA.

Then on Sunday we went to Balboa Park. What a great place! San Diego Zoo, Museums – art, science, history, railroad, botanical gardens, artisans’ shops, lots of green space, a pipe organ that performs and lots more to do and see. We walked around and went to the railroad museum. It was put together by train enthusiasts and clubs. They build scale train scenes and are beautiful. He’s a train enthusiast and wanted me to see the types of tracks and scenes that are built and how much room he’s going to need when we move into a house. He has already bought tons of cars, scenery, track and has some ideas and knowledge on how to do it. He will have such a good time doing this, I’m sure. I’m glad he has interests and hobbies. That leaves time for myself when he gets started on these things.

Anyway, we love spending time together, we go to the grocery store, eat dinner together every night, go to movies, sight see, talk, hold hands, kiss, laugh, love and are so happy we’re together. We love it all!!! We are perfect for each other and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. I know that he feels the same.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Heavenly Thoughts

I'm having a good time learning about opportunities in So. CA. I had face-to-face interviews at Gateway Computer yesterday. It was interesting to hear more about the company from my "could-be" peers and the direction of the company and department from the director. There are some interesting and challenging projects on the horizon, so it's a viable option. The commute isn't that bad, about 45 min without a traffic stop, not sure how long it will take at 5pm.

Today, I'm meeting with a couple of consulting companies. The plus I see about working on a project basis is some flexibility, variety, non-commitment, and more money that makes up for some of the things you give up - like security, possibly some benefits. Maybe that's where I'm at in my life right now. Never know what's going to happen with my honey's health. If he gets an early retirement, then perhaps I want the flexibility to move (again, I know, I know) to Phoenix for the "final destination".

I'll have to listen, compare and decide. At least I have a little time. Gateway isn't deciding until Monday or Tuesday next week, so that will give me time to make a good decision. Prayers and support will help!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How did the move go???

How did the move go????

well, let's see where do I start?...........we're done, only have some unpacking to do, but to get this far it was tough.

The plan was to drive a U-Haul truck with all of our stuff in it, tow the Corvette with the truck; tow his Toyota with my Toyota. Pack stuff in my car, some in the truck as needed, and a few things in the ‘vette; hire a couple of guys to move the furniture out of the apartment on the 2nd floor and load the truck; leave by 10am to get to Oceanside on time to get the keys to the apartment. Sounds like a good plan.

First of all, the truck we rented was too small!! The guys showed up on time, actually brought an extra person, so we finished on time. They did a good job until the end. They packed the truck really well, boxes to the ceiling, furniture in and nothing moved, except they put the metal bed frames on the top of the pile of furniture. Needless to say, 350 miles later, they slid down into the furniture and scratched just about everything somewhere on it. So our brand new furniture shows the wear and tear of the move. Little scratches and scrapes on just about everything. I guess we’ll call it “personality”!

Oh but back to the truck. It was too small, just by a little. I should have rented the next size up, it just didn't seem like we needed it. But we did :( So my poor honey! We got down here at 7:30 Sat night, emptied out a few things into our garage, but couldn't sleep in our apartment yet, didn't get here in time to sign the lease and pay the rent, so no keys. At least they were nice enough to let us put stuff in the garage. Then we had to unload the cars. We were pretty tired and hungry, so we were off to find a hotel. Just so happened that this weekend over 4000 troops were returning from Iraq, so the hotels were packed, we had a tough time finding one and when we did we had to pay out the ASS!!

My honey had to wake up at 4am, get out the door by 4:30am to drive back to Hanford (5 hrs), rent a trailer, load it with the stuff that we couldn't fit and then drive back down here. It was a 12 hour day for him. I really felt for him. But I had plenty to do while he was driving and taking care of that stuff. I returned the auto transports; signed the lease, paid the rent; started moving stuff into the apartment. You know, we rented the apartment sight unseen. It's nice; it's got all new carpet, floor, cabinets, and paint, very nice. The pool is 20 yards (at the most) from our front door, so that is really good. Our garage is close and we have a carport for the ‘vette, and can see it from our bedroom window. The only problem is the
size of the apartment. We affectionately refer to it as Barbie's Dream House!! It's small, we can't even get all of our furniture into the living room!! I always wanted to be Barbie and be married to Ken, so I guess I get my wish!!!

The good news is our big screen TV is really BIG in here!! hehe!! The other good news is that we organized the garage. I built the shelves for storage and we got everything put away in there that we don't have room for or don't need inside. I haven't quite found everything and and still have to organize the kitchen and spare bedroom, but we have a good bit of it done. Overall, we have decided we're too damn old for this shit!!! But we survived, I'm really sore, I have aches and pains where I didn't even know you could have aches and pains!! A hot tub would help and a massage would do the trick!!

I do have interviews on Wed and Thurs. I'm pretty excited about that. I'll let you know how the job hunt goes. The Wednesday interview is a full time permanent position and Thursdays’ are for consulting positions. I’ll have to decide which I would prefer. I think one of the consulting gigs is only 10 minutes from my house, the other 2 openings are about an hour away. That could be a big deciding factor.

The other good news is that this area is beautiful.........canyons, mountains, seagulls overhead, beach 5 miles away, it's just gorgeous. So we are both happy to be together and to be here, just wish we had the money to hire a company to do this for us. Next time..........

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Professional Mover

Am I ??

I have everything done with a few exceptions. My kitchen is so very small compared to what I had in Ohio but still it took me all day to pack it up and I still have some to finish! Amazing how much stuff can fit into a few cabinets and drawers.

Well, the move is Saturday. I'm getting pretty excited because I have interviews set up already and I hope to have a few more set up by the end of next week. Monday and Wednesday seem to be my big days. I hope to have an offer from some of those!

Wow, just think, we're moving to Southern California!! I know it's going to be expensive, traffic congestion, and I'm sure lots of other negatives, but it's southern California - beautiful weather, sunny days, lots of beaches and I think I'm going to love it!!

I'll report back in after the move and after we get everything set up................:)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day

It’s was yesterday. What is it, REALLY? A Hallmark Holiday? A party day for grade-schoolers? A day to remember your love? Is it REALLY important? I mean, if you love your partner, family and friends, you let them know every day of the year, don’t you?? You don’t reserve it for one day to show affection, Valentine’s Day.

Call me cynical, call me jaded, call me “whatever”. In years past, I’ve been accused of being like this because I didn’t have a “love” in my life. Some people thought I felt like this because I would be alone. But it’s not that. It’s the whole commercialism thing. I don’t need jewelers, card, flower, and candy companies telling me that I should spend money to show my affection….oh but wait….

…now in the media, I hear it’s really a “woman’s” holiday! So that means that guys are “obligated” to do something nice for their SOs or else there’s hell to pay. What is the point here? Where are all the feminists when you need them? Why aren’t they speaking out against this crap? Are they at dinner receiving gifts?? I wonder….

The media reported the average person spends $101 for Valentines Day. Wow, that’s amazing. I would rather spend time being together, laughing, having fun, enjoying each other than be caught up in the retail shopping frenzy of having to have a gift.

As it turned out, someone at work gave all of the women a chocolate rose and the graphic designer created a nice ecard for all of the women co-workers. So, they both were thoughtful and nice.

We went out to dinner and he bought me a card. Now, the bitch of it all is that I told him specifically a card is ok, but nothing else. Then, I ran out of time and didn’t even get to buy him a card. So I got a great card and didn’t even buy him one. **GUILT**

The bottom line, I think it’s nice to tell the people that you love them that you do love them. I think it’s nice to let co-workers know you realize they are women and respect them on this “woman’s” holiday. I think it was nice that we went out to dinner, and every time we go out to dinner I think it’s nice. But the best part was just spending some time with him. That’s what I like. TIME

Saturday, February 11, 2006

job search is coming along

Heavenly Thoughts

This was such an eventful week. I posted my resume on dice.com and wow! did it stir up some interest. I've got a few interviews already, 2 in person on 2/20 and 3 this week on the phone. Hope that those turn into face-to-face interviews. I need to decide what type of job I'd like, PM, of course, but could be a BA. But more importantly, I have to decide what industry...do I want to do web, finance, telecom? hmmm.

Plus, I only have 2 more days helping out at Lion, so I'll wrap up that project and be ready to move on to Oceanside. We've been packing and have most everything done. I packed 2 big suitcases today and we packed up everything in the garage. There's only a little bit that has to be done, so I'll work on it tomorrow.

We went to see Firewall today. We both enjoyed it, thought it was much better than the reviews. I love Harrison Ford, so I didn't have a problem watching him save his family without selling out his job. Very ethical!! and HOT!!! Wow, for a guy his age he is VERY HOT!!

Well, he's fixing me dinner and I'm relaxing while doing laundry. We are going to miss our washer and dryer. There's no hookup in the new apartment, so we're laundry mat bound. There are laundry rooms in the complex, one not too far from our place, it's just that I haven't had to do the laundry mat thing in 8 years. So, a few changes are ahead, but it's still very exciting.

Hope you have a good weekend. I'll have more to tell later.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm homeless and happy ;)

Heavenly Thoughts

thank God it's finally over. Now I just have to wait for the check in the mail. I feel like I've been through hell to get here, but I haven't. I have just had to spend alot of money to get here. But it's over. It's all over.

So, thank you God for helping me through this. Thanks to my kids for working hard to get things done. Thanks to my friends, Brian and Sherry. Brian for managing the closing and the money. Sherry for helping when the mortgage company killed my funds. And thanks to my realtor, Cindy Enderle, for working hard in the end, holding my hand and teaching me all about buying and selling a house. I think the next time, I can do it on my own. Buy from a person selling without a realtor.

Oh well, now I can drink a glass of wine, relax and enjoy!!

So, I'm off to the job search AGAIN! But this time, I will get a job that I really enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its time

The closing should be getting underway. Good thing I'm busy at work or I'd be going nuts right now.
Peg sent this email wirelessly via her BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

4 hours and counting

Tick tock tick tock! Its the countdown to extinction for me as the rightful owner of my house. I'm anxious in a way, I guess because I'm in California. I'm patient in a way, for the same reason.

So tick tock, I wait until 2PM PST.

Peg sent this email wirelessly via her BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

countdown to homeless

Heavenly Thoughts

18 hrs from now, I should be homeless. Let's hope that it all comes together.

Been looking for a job in San Diego, Irvine or Santa Ana. Seems to have some pretty good choices, I hope that things continue to look up and that I get some bites very quickly. I won't be able to afford to not be working for very long, a few weeks to a month, max.

The hurdles aren't over, but at least they are slowly coming together.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Way to go Steelers!

I'm so happy for Pittsburgh! And my Dad is celebrating in heaven!!

way to go Steelers!!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl! Go Steelers!!

Thinking of a few friends today that I would be watching the game with, like Robert - he would be torn who to route for, but I think when it comes down to it, he's choose Pittsburgh; like Sherry - Pittsburgh all the way, my best friend and we'd be a Chequers; Lisa's house - every year she invites everyone over to her "Souper Bowl" party, everyone brings something to drink, a pot of their favorite homemade soup and a snack, it's a blast with tons of great food!; the crowd at Norman's - went there a few years ago, it was too much fun, won money on the boards, so that was fun, plus I know everyone there and it's not that far from my house; then there's Mary and Steve, although I haven't been to their house for a game in a long time, it would be fun since they are such HUGE fans!

I miss my friends, especially on a day like today. But it's ok, I'm happy, I'm on the west coast, gonna watch it with my honey. He's into it, but not as much as I am. But, I've got a few beers, he's gonna fix fried chicken - and his is the BEST, we have a couple of snacks and it will be fun.

Go Pittsburgh!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

my life is BI-POLAR

Bi-Polar, not always a mental disorder

Right now, I would say that my life has been a roller coaster; changing moment to moment. Selling this damn house has been very taxing. I know that normally it’s stressful to buy or sell a house. But trying to do it long distance is even more stressful.  I’ve everything happen. I’ve had a closing date and then no closing date. I’ve had small delays that turned into 2 week delays. I’ve had a buyer that was all set, 100% financed to a buyer that had to scramble to get financing. I’ve had a buy that actually wanted to rent the house, but I feared they didn’t have enough cash to cover and I actually had a nightmare about them living in my house – so I said no., even though I could have used some cash.

Then this past Thursday, I got the best news! Everyone on the Cincinnati side of this deal was so happy. We got the “thumbs up” from the lender with a firm closing date of 2/8. The buyer finally has all of her ducks in a row and everyone was elated. I had requested and received the pay-off for the house and everything that needed to be notarized and faxed was all done. Yes, all my ducks were well in a row and the sale is scheduled to happen.

I have taken care of everything for the house. I had my automatic house payments stopped coming from my checking account. I have had the utilities turned off, the garbage and water has been taken out of my name. The house is cleaned up, the furnishings have been removed. In fact, when the kids removed the bed and a few other items, it was one of the windiest days that they had in town. They were driving it to be stored for a little bit and the wind picked it up out of the truck, broke the ropes and crashed it on the highway!! The mattress got ran over by a car and a truck! The dresser hit the pavement and broke and the computer desk smashed to pieces. Well, that’s how it goes, I guess. At least no one was hurt in the process.

Yes, all my ducks were in a row……………

It’s Thursday and almost time to leave work and I get another thing to be happy about – I got my first full paycheck! Sweet! It was enough to pay all of my monthly bills and my car insurance for the next 6 months. I was so happy about all of it! Elated Elated Elated!!

Then, as I completed my tasks, I decided to take a peak at my Cincinnati money. I left enough in the bank to pay all my house bills. Final bills for water, utilities and whatever might come up. I opened my account information and what did I see???? I was shocked, dismayed and disappointed. My mortgage company took out the Feb payment, even though I had cancelled it on Jan 5th!! I was mortified. it was too late to call and ask what the hell they thought they were doing. So instead I lost a nights sleep worrying about what I was going to do, how would I resolve this? I called them in the morning and that was a total trip. First I was told, “no problem” then I was put through to the person that would “supposedly” fix it who told me “absolutely no refunds, sorry, can’t do it” and continued to tell me that I was responsible, I was the one that fucked up. At which I demanded a supervisor, explained what happened, provided dates, times and names of who I spoke to and what we discussed. I guess she matched the events that I reported to her that happened with the records on her computer screen. She put in an order to have the money put back into my account ASAP – and she escalated it.

To be honest, I didn’t feel that good, and I still don’t know what’s going to happen and when. So in the meantime, my account was over drawn! My account had NEVER been over drawn. I’m so humiliated and embarrassed, I had to call the bank and explain what has happened.

So now I just have to wait………..patiently………….wait for the house to close, wait for the proceeds to be sent to me and wait for the mortgage company to make good on my account. All the while, it’s my money that everyone is messing with. I’ll be glad when it’s all over……

And by the way, I shouldn’t refer to my house as a “damn” house; it’s been a wonderful house for me and my family. We will miss it and the memories. I really didn’t expect to not be living it and living in California. I really expected to live there for sometime now and to keep the memories alive. I will miss it. I believe that the buyer will find it to be just as nice for them.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

hanging in there

I'm just waiting one more week to close on my house. Apparently, the buyer's "ducks are in a row" and now we're just waiting for the appraisal and paperwork to wrap it up. I hope we are at the end of this road. My son went over last night to check on the house. He said it still looks great, empty, but great! We talked as he walked through the house and it was fun to talk about our life there.

You know, we had a wonderful 5 years in that house. Alot of love, fun, friends, family, dog, cat, kids, movies, games, parties, cooking, relaxing, learning, loving and memories. I love my family and miss them so much. I don't think that I will ever get used to living in California while they are living in Ohio. It's the hardest thing that I've ever done. It was a hard decision, but one that I had to make. I had to seize the moment and take my chance with the "love of my life"!

But my kids............missing them............so glad I have the memories and pictures and phone and text to talk to them every day. Hey you guys! I love you so very much! Be good, make me proud.

Hey, I was watching the news and the Butler County Sheriff made the national news because of his stance on illegals. Now, this is a topic that I can relate to, especially living in California, especially moving to San Diego! Anyway, he's billing the Homeland Security Department for illegals that are locked up in his jail. He's had more than 900 in the last 12 months. To read more about it and his blog go to: www.butlersheriff.org