Saturday, October 09, 2004

Clean Sweep

Days of Organization

Why do we buy so many things for our houses? I have lived in my house for 4 years and still have boxes in my basement that I have never unpacked, so guess where those are going? They are 'outta here'.

We have spent all day yesterday, into the night, cleaning out the basement and still have tons to go. We have so much to give away and quite a bit to sell on eBay - games, glasswares, apothecary jars, game systems, sport memoribillia, magazines, vintage clothes and MORE. Plus, we have a toy store near the house that actually buys old toys, so anything that doesn't sell on eBay, can be boxed up and sold there. I'm selling software and books to Half Price Books - I really don't care what they give me, I just want to get rid of it. Whatever they don't buy from me, I will donate the rest. Furniture, beddings, curtains, clothes, pictures, ad infinitum :)

The best part of cleaning out for me is that it's so liberating to my soul. I feel better when I don't have all these possessions holding me down. There is no need for clothes in my closet that are 10 years old or more, shoes that don't fit, comforters that are never going back into the bedrooms, drapes that will never be hung, knick-knacks that will never be displayed! Why have all that stuff?!?

And the key to keep the clutter at a minimum is two-fold - re-evaluate every 6 months, clean out and toss PLUS only buy what I need. I'm really trying hard to curb my 'frivolous' spending because I have college bills, house and car expenses. That's plenty! Instead, keep the things that I really love and the collections that mean something to me.

So, I'm off to the basement, more boxes to fill and toss!

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