Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Going Crazy

crazy days !

Do you ever have one of those days? Today is one, but it's ending up being ok. I decided this morning driving into the office that I was going to get a lot of "little nagging" tasks done. You know the ones...the ones that end up wasting more time thinking about than actually doing them. So, I created mental notes of things that were quick and I could get done fast. I am happy to say that I knocked off quite a few, but still have some more. But I'm making great headway.

But that is at work, what about home? How many episodes of Clean Sweep (my fave show!) do I need to watch to know that I need some help at home? Closets busting out, basement that used to be usable for fun parties, now cluttered with stuff that needs to be tossed. Too much furniture in the house, I'm just seeking a minimalist point of view. Something easy to clean and maintain.

But then there's my kitchen. So for it, I need a makeover, nothing too expensive, but definitely a makeover. So for my kitchen I need to call the great folks at Trading Spaces! I need to have a new kitchen floor put in and to paint the walls. I would love to have new counters, but I can live with new paint and new floor for the time being. I have the paint picked out, I can visualize the floor, but have procrastinated getting started. Eventually, the entire kitchen has to be gutted and started over. But at this point, it's very overwhelming and I am not up to the task. I am going to the Greater Cincinnati Kitchen, Bath & Design Show this weekend hoping for some inspiration and to meet a contractor. Anyone wanna go with me? I'm going armed with a budget in mind, measurements and a drawing of my kitchen, and possibly some photos to give someone a good idea of what needs to be done.

Every night for the rest of this week, I'm not only doing my quick 30 minutes of cleaning (vacuumed and mopped last night), but I'm also going to tackle an area of the house to "clean sweep". Tonight is the basement, tomorrow the kitchen closet and family room closet (it's also Wine Wednesday, so I'm having people over for homemade vegetable sushi and wine), then on Thursday the clothes closets, Friday morning, I'm tackling the basement storage room - listing things on eBay and selling what I can. I'm going clean the furniture that I'm getting rid of and get everything ready to put outside and IT'S NOT COMING BACK IN :) I'm going to follow up with a yard sale next week. Pretty aggressive, but doable. I'm motivated!!

So, I guess crazy days are worthwhile. They can light a fire under us and get us going in the right direction! So thank God it's a crazy day :)

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