Saturday, October 30, 2004

Saturday At Home

Is there ever enough time?

I spent the day at home today, partially because I don't have a choice and partially because I didn't feel like going anywhere. I was going to tackle my "things to do" list, but I didn't do that either. Instead, I spent time doing something that I really enjoyed - working on my website. I think I've added quite a bit and cleaned up the code so it looks ok in IE and in Netscape & Firefox. Ever since I started using Firefox, I realized that I have to use HTML correctly. And since I rarely get to, it's been a challenge. But I plugged through the table structures and got it together.

I should be doing a host of other things like reading my work emails, studying for my PMP exam, cleaning my house, fixing my other computer, helping him to finish cleaning out the basement, and work outside in the yard. I also have items to post on eBay to sell.

But, I wanted to finish this chore first. Tonight we are going to Doug's Halloween Party - Cinco de Goofball - I can't wait. I know we will have a great time. We have funny costumes, priest and nun. But the priest is especially funny - he's kind of a perverted priest :) I'll take my camera and get lots of funny pictures. I haven't tried on my costume yet, but have to start getting ready.

I missed blogging this week, but some days I just couldn't get the energy to spend time on this. I have had to awaken every morning extra early to accommodate my daughter's school schedule. This way I can just be ready when she gets up and go to work early each day. Then, when I get home, I cook dinner - because there is no eating out anymore - then I just am too tired to do anything. Gee, I should start exercising for more energy. That means cleaning off the treadmill and using it :)

Well, it's time to get ready, I'll post party pictures later.

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