Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wow, it's been a month!!

Time sure is flying by. I hadn't realized it had been a month since I last updated my blog. Unfortunately, I am out the door heading to the office but I can give a quick update to all the latest:
  1. Received my cello last week, it's been set up, new strings and I took my first private lesson last night. This is gonna be fun. I'll post some pictures that Roland took!! (This is my anniversary and Christmas present)
  2. Roland got a new camera, see #1, for his anniversary and Christmas present. It is a Nikon D-SLR camera with add'l lenses and the "works". He's tickled!! He never thought he'd like a digital camera, well, this is no run of the mill digital camera for sure! It takes fabulous pictures. I'll post some soon. 
  3. Working at a new client. New client + new project = EXTREMELY BUSY, trying to fit everything else in to my life. I find myself really tired for now. 
  4. A friend of mine invited me to work with her to establish and launch and maintain a new non-profit foundation. I'll post more about that later too. It's a GREAT idea. 
  5. and finally, I saved the BEST FOR LAST - Roland's KIDNEY TRANSPLANT is scheduled for November 9th. He has 2 more Dr appts, one of those is collecting last minute blood and a few other quick tests to make sure nothing has changed. We're so blessed and excited to receive this organ - it is truly giving him a new lease on life. The donor is anonymous and whoever you are - you will never really know how much this means to us. We are overwhelmed with your caring and generosity!! 
So as you see, I've been very busy and have some busy times coming up. I'll expand on a few of these later with pics.

One last note: (10/16) Happy Birthday Mom, I'm sure you're looking down and happy to see how your daughter's life is turning out!! Love you!!!!!
"...And in the end... The love you take is equal to the love you make." ---The Beatles
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