Friday, April 29, 2016

Eeck where did the last 3 years go?!?

This is crazy. I opened this app today and realized it's been almost 3 years! How can that be? What kept me SOOO busy in that time that I couldn't do a quick update. Hmmm let me see, family, friends, work (mostly work)! 

My family is growing - 7 grandchildren now, only 2 in town the rest are spread out in Kansas City and Anchorage! My husband and I have fun trying to keep up with their birthdays and holidays that's for sure. Then there is time with friends. Gone on a few trips with my friends - northern Ohio, ok may not qualify as a trip, Arizona and Hawaii!!  Big fun no matter where we went. 

Then there is work, love my job and my projects but like everyone else they take a great deal of time. Plus I volunteer (probably too much) and that takes even more time. 

Time is precious, it's the one thing we can't get more of. Everyone has a finite bucket and even though I try my best to make the MOST of my time it will run out sometime. 

So 3 years, where has it gone? It's gone to living my life to its fullest, enjoying every minute of every day, loving life and those in mine. 

What about you?