Tuesday, March 22, 2005


with a capital P!!!

I have never seen anyone procrastinate as much as Rainman. He acts as though my house is the Storage Unit down the street and that I don't mind storing his stuff. When someone asked you to get your stuff out of their basement after they were nice enough to let you store it there, son't you comply? This has been building up for 6 months now. I don't even like talking to him anymore, after all the stupid shit that was said and done way back in October and before. And now, I still have to call and ask him to come over and get his stuff. Even threaton to trash it all, in order to get the fire lit under his ass. Unreal.

But it's a pattern that I ignored. Yes, I chose to ignore every red flag. DUH! Why do I do that? hmm, don't know but I'm really good at it. Last night I was thinking of the red flags I've ignored.
Might just cook Easter dinner at home this year and have the kids over. Don't feel like dealing with the family and the inquisition. Everytime I show up without a boyfriend, oh boy..the questions start.

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