Thursday, March 10, 2005

A better day

But still crazy

I worked 13 hrs today. Wow! I was glad to leave my computer behind and come home. I didn't cook, it was way too late, so I picked up some calzones for us. Mine was really good and after a long day in the office, it was good to come home, munch on a calzone and watch The Apprentice.

Apprentice is my favorite show. 24 is another of my favorites. I don't watch alot of tv, although I often have it on. To me there's a difference and now I sound like my mom! She used to say she was listening to a program on TV, but not watching it. When I was a kids, I thought, what's the point of listening to TV, you can listen to the radio. Go listen so I can watch :)

Well, I have analyzed what's going on with me. I am getting side-tracked really easily. I think it's because (don't laugh or get grossed out) I have always used tampons my entire life. Now that I had this D&C, I can't use them for 3 weeks from the date, after I see my doctor, NEXT WEDNESDAY!! Can't wait! Well, anyway, I have to use pads and I'm flowing super duper heavy right now, SO, here's my thought. I get side tracked because I can feel the flow. AND IT'S GROSS!!! Sorry, but for all of the women out there that use pads, YOU ARE CRAZY!!! I HATE THIS!!! I will be in a meeting, everyone talking, asking me questions and then all of a sudden - SQUISH!! GROSS!!

one more week............

So, I'm off to bed to relax, glad to be home, glad to be out of the office, away from my to do list and seeing my kids. :)

I love my kids. They are the best!!

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