Wednesday, March 02, 2005

he's just not that into you

WHOA! The book's....

an eyeopener, brutally honest, easy to read and get through and should be the defacto guide for relationships!! Wow!

I've only started reading it tonight and took a break to write. I realized reading this that I've definitely dated this guy, I was going to possibly marry him at one point and yes, I came up with all the excuses for him to explain why he was too busy to call, to come over, to go out, to have sex, to spend time with me. What the hell!!??!!

The point is simple, if he's not into you, don't waste your time and energy. Free yourself up to meet the guy that is TOTALLY into you. And it sounds like he might be out there................where? now that's the question. wish he'd call me :)

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