Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Not doing so well

and it sucks!

I had one of the crappiest days, healthwise. I thought my uterus was going to fall out of my body and that I would bleed to death. Sorry, but it's true. I was so miserable I had to leave work. I have been cramping and flooding all day long and I have to wear those miserable pads. (sorry, they are miserable to ME, others might like them, but NOT ME!) Anyway, I probably shouldn't talk about this here, but what the hell. It's true.

Stopped by to talk to Rainman for a few minutes and he totally blew me off. He came by last night to get some of his stuff after he got off work and he didn't even come upstairs to let me know he was here. I just couldn't believe it. I mean he came into the house and moved his dressers and some other heavy stuff and didn't acknowledge that I was here or that he was in my basement. IT'S TOTALLY WEIRD!!

But what's not lately. My whole life has taken this strange sort of twist. Health - blah. Work - busy and stressful. Relationship - over. Kids - DOING GREAT!! MY BRIGHT SPOT IN MY LIFE!!! Oh well, I have always said that "I can survive ANYTHING as long as I know it will only last a SHORT TIME!!"

I will welcome the end of this chapter.

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