Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My Plans

Here's what I've decided to do:

Instead of fretting over this guy or any other guy right now, I'm going to do the following:

  1. concentrate on work and doing a damn good job at it

  2. spend time with my daughter, teach her to drive, help her get her license in the next couple of weeks

  3. spend time with my son while I can. He'll graduate and move out one of these days and I will miss him.
  4. spend time with my oldest daughter, her friends, go to her apartment, eat at her restaurant, have her over for dinner and fun

  5. prepare my basement for the "makeover": clean, paint, graffiti art on a wall or two, carpet, make it compfy

  6. organize my new office space in the "spare" bedroom: clean, hang art, organize and LOVE IT!

  7. prepare my garden, spring is on it's way and I want my garden to be ready for early bloomers and a full rich garden in the summer

  8. spend time on myself, walking, eating healthy, listening to music, reading

  9. learn to cook various ethnic food starting with Indian

  10. go to art openings, concerts, shows, movies, Red's opening day

  11. go to church and small group meetings, finish reading Purpose Driven Life, get focused and spiritually healthy

I believe that by concentrating on myself, I will end up being the better person that I want to be anyway. Plus, it will get me focused on what's really important to me - my family, my house, my job. If I concentrate on this list, all other things will come together. Could use a cheerleading section to help me along! Go ahead, be supportive!!

Besides, I gotta get outta this funk I'm in....too many stressful, depressing things have happened....cancer watch...friends...stress at work...yikes!! But conversely, alot of great things are going on...kids...new clients at work spawning growth of my team...renewed spirit...feeling the depression trying to lift..hanging with my friends more...rekindling some old friendships...all these good things.

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