Monday, March 14, 2005

Just another day

Is there such a thing?

Hey, did you hear about the woman in Atlanta that staved off the courtroom killer? It's an incredible story, showing God's power, love and authority when you call on Him. I'm amazed, she's so blessed to be alive. God really has a plan for her.

For those that urged me to reach out to my friend. I did. I returned the dish that she sent the food to my house in after my surgery and included a note thanking her for all that's she's done for me and how much I appreciate it. I hope that it will be the beginning to end this ridiculousness. I'll let you know.

In the meantime, Guitarman called me right on time today. I wasn't home yet, but he tried to call. I really appreciated this. He's going to take my daughter driving tomorrow after work. That will be fun to let her practice. I'm not sure she'll have her drivers license in 10 days, but she'll be well on her way. But, it will be fun to go out driving and watch how she interacts with him. It will be like the "old days". I'm so glad we're friends again.

And last night Rainman came to get more of his belongings. Wow, he's been moving for 3 months. I've never seen anyone so slow at everything in my whole life. He was really strange acting to me. Didn't seem that he even wanted to face me or talk to me or anything. I don't know what to think of this guy, his behavior is too strange for me to understand. We were friends, geez, what happened???

men? strange? friends? possible? impossible!!??!!

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