Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Time Flies.....

are we having fun yet?

The year is quickly flying by. I totally enjoyed summer, growing my garden, sunning myself on my deck, hanging out with my sweetheart and the dogs, relaxing when I could. Fall is going by so quickly, I just can't believe it. Thanksgiving is next week and Christmas soon to follow.

This Thanksgiving, like all the previous, will be enjoyed with my cousins. My grandparent, parents, aunts and uncles have all passed on now, so it's up to "us kids" to keep things rolling along. We have a blast when we get together, laughing and joking; catching up on what everyone's doing; sharing vacation pictures - Oh, I can't forget to take mine with me; and of course, eating and drinking and watching FOOTBALL!! It's a wonderful thing, lots of fun for me and my sweetheart.

Now, then, there's the kids. Not too much going on for them. There isn't many other kids around the same age as mine, so needless to say, they get bored. This year, however, they are not going to be bored because they are going to their grandma and grandpa's (on their dad's side of the family). They will have a blast. Lots of cousins their own age and interests. Plus their grandpa just had major heart surgery and the whole family will be there to celebrate and give thanks. This year, I would venture to say, that they have more to give thanks for than most years in the past!!

To prepare for a blissful and thankful day, I am taking some time off of work. :) I have about 11 days that I still need to take between now and the end of the year. So, I'm going to take holiday beginning this Thursday until after Thanksgiving weekend - sweeeeeeeeeeet! I have quite a few projects that I am going to be concentrating on during that well-deserved time off.

I'm having a contracter come out tonight and estimate my kitchen floor. I think that I would like pergo, first choice, but if I decide to use linoleum or something else, that's ok too. I just need a price to start comparing.

First thing is I'm going to work on my kitchen. Going to buy the paint and supplies that I need on Thursday. Tape it off and start painting on Friday. (Friday night, I'm heading to the Contemporary Arts Center to a Gallery Walk! Private showing of some of the exhibits - will be a great time!) Hope to have it all done and put back together by Sunday. I'll post my progress in pictorial view on the site :) Then I'm going to make the roman shades with the gorgeous fabric that I bought over the summer that is still riding around with me in the car - to avoid dog hairs!! I also have a rug in my trunk and plan on picking up some new pictures, dishes (that I am going to try to order today) and decor. Maybe even a new kitchen table - unless I can urge my sweetie to have the chairs "professionally" repaired.

Then on Monday, I'm going to a friend's house and we are going to work on jewelry for part of the day. Fixing what we can, matching up missing stones and making repairs to jewelry that needs glued, tied, rewired, etc. That will be fun, mostly because it will be someone to do it with and she and I will have a MAJOR gab-fest!! Lots of relaxing fun for that.

Tuesday will be a day to take care of some personal things, such as shopping for the turkey and all the goodies that I will prepare on Friday (yes, the day AFTER Thanksgiving I traditionally prepare a nice meal and invite lots of people over for that.) Maybe, I'll try to get some Christmas shopping done that day. Just a few things - well, that's all I'm buying really. I'm actually sticking to a budget and not going over. In the afternoon, I'll work on the basement and continue to get things organized and done down there.

Wednesday, I'll continue on the basement. My goal is to have the whole house whipped into shape by the end of the weekend. If I just work on it during a normal working day time, I will be successful!

Well, lunch is over, gotta get back to work :) as time flies by.............

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