Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Mobile Homes and Moving In

wonder how soon?

I think he will be happier living alone. He's already raised his family; they are grown up and have moved out. Hey, I don't blame him, there is a lot of activity in my house - I mean, 3 teenagers are living here right now. They come and go at all hours of the day and evening because of work and school. It's quite a bit if a persons not used to it.

I know I will be happier not dealing with the clutter and extra stuff crammed in the basement and kind of all over the house. I am such a "neat freak" that I am having a tough time with too much stuff in my house, too many clothes in my closets, things not organized or put away, for way too long of a time. He moved it in back in March while he still owned the condo and was painting it and fixing it up - so it's overrun my entire basement for that long. It's definitely got to go!

One possible solution would have been for him to move the boxes and other stuff into a storage unit. That really isn't a good solution for him, he likes his stuff to be with him. His grand scheme is simple: buy a mobile home now and move in. Then "one of these days", when my kids are grown and gone, I can sell my house. He and I can build a house out in the "sticks" where we have some privacy. While we are building, we can live in the mobile home. Then we can move it to the property to have as a guest house. Sounds like a plan! So, the search for a mobile home is on. Today, we looked at one that was REALLY nice.

So, for now, we are kind of in limbo. Although, he can move into a temporary situation if the need arises. I won't hesitate to insist if the situation warrants more space between us. It is kind of comforting in a way, it's not really like a break-up in some ways, but I often wonder if it will lead to a break up. I mean, it's going to be wierd again - him living somewhere else, but in many ways, I will enjoy having my time and space back to myself. Especially with so much going on in my life right now.

I like to fix up my house and I will miss him being here, just fixing things as he sees fit. So, that part will be strange, but I can always ask him to fix something for me. And I won't mind sleeping alone. I rather enjoy it. I get a much better nights sleep without him tossing and turning. He likes to listen to the radio and I can't sleep with it on. He's a night owl and I'm a morning person - GEE, I THOUGHT I WOULD NEVER SAY THAT!! So, there are going to be some advantages.

On the flip side, I will miss having dinner with him at night and having someone to talk to. I wonder if that means that I will blog even more as an outlet. I also wonder if he'll see other people. He might meet someone that just adores him. I tell you it's not hard to adore him - he's so sweet, kind and nice. He's been wonderful to me over the past (nearly) 3 years. I know everything about him and he knows all about me. I will miss that. I don't like that part of a relationship - the inital getting to know you stuff is fun - but the REAL person - now that's different. Getting to know that person and trusting them. That takes work and I don't want to do that for now. I just want to have a nice evening, nice fun, and enjoy the things that we enjoy - news programs, sports, and talking. I like movies and he's not much of a movie person - but for me he watches them. :)

Well, we'll see what happens. I know that in many other ways, I will miss him being with me daily. But only for a short time, I'll get used to it. I mean, he can always come here and I can always go to his place. That's why he is asking me to go with him - so I can be part of the decision. Maybe this time alone will allow him to get some things in order for himself. Give him his own space - which he desperately needs - provide him an sanctuary for his thoughts and privacy for his daily activities. I do love him and only want what's best for him :)

Gotta go, only have a few touch-ups on the kitchen - want to get it done!!

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