Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving with my kids

the day after is our time.

Yes, that's right, the day after Thanksgiving is our time as a family to invite our friends and loved ones over and share the feast with them. I am a thankful parent, as you must know from reading my blog. I am a grateful friend for all of the support that I get. This is one way for me to show people how I feel about them. I love to entertain but over the last couple of months, so much has happened with my 'love interest' that I didn't feel comfortable inviting a bunch of people over this year. Maybe after he moves out, I will begin to entertain more extensively again.

So, I only mentioned it to a few people, some of the "regulars", but due to conflict of schedules they were not able to make it. But I still enjoyed cooking for my kids. They were all here and ate dinner, enjoyed each other totally. Yesterday, we were fragged in different places, visiting their Dad's side of the family. But not today. Today was my day, our day.

Thanks kids, you are the reason why I strive so much to excel. You are the reason why I work so hard. You are the reason why I love so much!! :)

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