Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Oh Dear! It's a Deer!

Funny thing happened to my friend...

One of my friends at work told me today that last weekend something unfortunate happened to her while driving on the expressway. The truck in front of her hit a deer and the deer "flopped" down in front of her Cadillac, then she ran over it. All four tires left the ground, making her car airborn. The deer grinded under her car from front to back. Fortunately, she was not hurt and amazingly, her car was driveable!! What a freaky thing to happen!

Well, the comedy actually started this morning. She had been noticing a "burning roast" sort of smell while she's driving her car. So she stopped at the Cadillac dealer to have the car checked. The Service Manager came out to discuss what he found when the car was checked:

They removed a hoof from under the car and offered to show her the rest of the deer meat that is still clinging to the underbelly of the Caddy. She gracefully declined the offer to view the dead meat. But then, to her surprise, they refused to do the cleaning of the car! They charge $75/hr and refused the work! Unbelievable! So now we know where all those guys that don't change diapers work! They work for the Cadillac dealer in the service shop!

Good luck finding a detail shop my friend! and Thanks for the laugh! But most importantly, glad you're ok.

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