Thursday, November 18, 2004

Managing All Parts of My Life

wearing my project mgmt hat

Seems like almost every situation in life requires management to some degree. Seems that I am either managing time, organizations, procurement, risk, moral & ethical issues, budget, scheduling, prioritization, people and/or communications both at home and at work. Well, it's my job, so I expect to be wearing my PM hat at work. And at home, managing a house and teenagers definitely requires management skills. So why am I sometimes surprised at the positive outcome my life has and my work has. I love what I do both at home and at work! It's easy for me, comes naturally :)

As you know, I have a daughter that's a senior in high school and a son that's a sophomore in college. Both of them live at home, which I totally LOVE!! They are great kids that don't give me any trouble whatsoever. I'm truly a blessed mother. I've raised them by myself with a lot of help from my friends over the years. There have definitely been some bumps in the road, but we never gave up, we stayed the course, pressed on every day and I never quite believing in my family - my kids. And now, it's all paid off. I feel like we've made it to this point and are very successful, that makes us all very happy. I just can't say it enough! They are wonderful.

The interesting part of all of this, is that now that they are young adults, they act more and more responsible. They encourage each other and me. They are truly interested in the things that I have going on in my life, just as I am interested in what they have going on. They even like to spend time with me and invite me to join them from time to time. It reaffirms that I have done my very best (as I always try to do) and with alot of prayers and patience, it really pays off!

Some of my friends have told me that I should write a book about my life experiences. Not an autobiography, no one would want to read that, but I would love to write a book about certain life lessons. But I am not sure about the time commitment to do that. In an ideal world, someone would front me money so I could stay home and write, write, write. That would be great. Even going off to some remote place with no distractions and compose my compelling story.

I could probably do that if I wasn't also trying to balance family, work, community service and personal life. You know, there's something to admitting that I am not SUPERWOMAN!! The "S" on my chest must stand for "something else"!! But just because I am not Superwoman, doesn't mean I'm not a "SUPER" woman :) (oh my, that was too corny wasn't it?) I think I am a terrific person. I try to be compassionate, caring, nurturing and loving. If my legacy is a life of honesty, integrity, morality and ethics I would be very happy. I would love for people to remember me for those characteristics. I have never asked someone to do something that I wouldn't do. I have a high expectation of myself, therefore I have the same expectations of those around me. I strive for excellence and expect all others to do the same. Sursum ad Summum!! Rise to the Highest!!

So, as I embark on time off of work and shift my priorities to my house, I am excited. I will accomplish those tasks that I have identified as higher priorities. I will do a great job and enjoy doing the work!

I'm off to the paint store to get started!!

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