Monday, November 22, 2004

my NEW kitchen

I'm almost done!!

I've been painting a little each day since Saturday. Mostly 2nd and 3rd coats as needed, some cutting in and lots of breaks in between. Now, I only have to touch up the red where I cut in for the first time last night and one spot of green. It needs another coat. Other than that, I'm pretty much done with the painting.

Now, I have to scrub the floor, put the refrigerator in the corner, to try to save some room. Then start putting things back together. I'm not sure I want to put everything back the way it was, I think I can rearrange. I would really love to put a small desk in there for the computer and a bill paying area. That way I could get it out of my bedroom. Then I would like a small table with at least 4 chairs. I used to have a table, but it's too big so I gave it away. I've been using Robert's but since he's buying a mobile home, he'll need his furniture. Besides the chairs are broken. I would prefer to have a new look that's my own.

I'm pretty excited, I stopped while I was out today and looked at dishes and accessories. I think now I'm definitely going with a fruit/vegetable/floral combination. I've seen some beautiful towels, rugs, dishes and accessories. I bought the towels but that's it for today. I want to look at a few more places. Then I want to find some colorful ceramic accents to hang over the cabinets. Wow, it's going to be soooooooooo nice!!

Well, I'm off to clean and start moving things back. Yippee!!
Pictures later....

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