Sunday, November 28, 2004

Christmas Shopping


I am going to try to buy as much of my list online this year. The easy part is I already have my youngest daughter's birthday and Christmas present already bought. My son can't seem to choose what he would like, so it's totally up to me. And my oldest daughter "never cares" so I will give her a gift plus ca$h! Pretty easy. I am not exchanging gifts this year with my boyfriend. He's spending all of his available cash on a mobile home, so no gifts this year. That's fine with me. Just makes it easier.

Actually, I would like to buy my family a vacation and a computer. Or fix my desktop computer ONE MORE TIME and buy a laptop. I would love to have my own laptop. Just never know when I'll need it! I have these fantasies of sitting in a cafe in Paris, with my laptop, emailing and checking on my business, while I am having the best coffee and pastry on the planet!! Just relaxing and enjoying some time. So, that would be the best gift of all - vacation, work, and computer all in one!

Well, you never know. I'll start looking now and deciding which is the best way to spend my money.

In the meantime, I have been shopping for accessories for my newly painted kitchen. I bought some pretty fun things last night - some wine decor and pudgy chef decor. Very cute. Plus, I bought some frames, so I could finally frame the prints I bought in Oxford, England in 1999. Gonna get them hung up today, as a matter of fact, in my living room.

But for now, happy shopping ......... online!

My favorite stores:,, delta airlines and Best Buy so far. I'll add more to it, as my list grows!

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