Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!!

A time to give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Today is a time to reflect and give thanks for all the wonderful miracles and blessings we have in our lives. I am very appreciative of so many gifts from God.

> My outstanding children - they make me proud every day of my life.
> My endearing friends - we have stood by each other over the years through thick and thin and everything in between.
> My close knit family - my parents, cousins, aunts and uncles, those here and those that have gone before me.
> My satisfying career - not everyone can say that they enjoy what they do.
> My house that provides us with more than just a place to live - but the memories of a happy family.

I just want to thank everyone for everything that they have done for me and allowed me to do for them. My life is rewarding and I am content in the pleasures that God has bestowed upon me. All the times that were rough, so that I could appreciate the times that are sweet! Like now!

Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy the turkey, the food, the family and friends!

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