Friday, November 19, 2004

Great IT Community

meeting talented people

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a great group of guys! These guys are talented IT profs that work together to produce fantastic projects. I could feel the synergy in the room when they were interacting. They are a very close group and are tightly fit. And did I mention how funny they are? On my! It was a blast!! Reminded me of days of old when having fun at work was "allowed". Thanks guys, for having me over!!

One of their projects is the The Cincinnati Zoo, it's a great site, with a perfect use of flash. There is a butterfly and an exotic blue-spotted frog on the homepage that look 3-D! It's wonderful. The rest of the site is HTML and is full of zoo information, upcoming events, and conservation info with compelling reasons to visit the zoo.

Another site that they have created is the Arborwear tree climbers clothing line. I am unfamiliar with this clothing line, although I've heard of it. Apparently, the target audience are professional tree trimmers, tree climbers; in other words, people that are proficient in using chainsaws on trees!! They have an interesting-looking guy on the website that is their "spokesperson". (It's just his head as far as I can see.) He points out the various features and benefits in each style of clothing. My favorite is Oringal Tree Climber's Pant and the saying is "Protect your crotch. I can't stress that enough." Something I never pondered to be important to a guy who's climbing a tree - OUCH!! Seems like good advice.

Thanks guys! I enjoyed meeting you!

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