Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Writing for the sake of ...


I used to write a journal, with pen and paper in the cutest bound journal-with very cute designs on the paper and the covers. I bought most of them at TJ Maxx and when I think of the time I spent hand writing before I would go to bed each night. I don't think that I write that much any more at all!! In fact, I think just about everything I do is online.

What about you? Do you write with paper and pen much? Or are you like me, most of your writing is done on the computer.

You know, when I realized that I could write a blog and it could take the place of my journal, I was sold on the idea. I didn't worry about any problems I'd have by openly writing about my life. And for those of you that know me, you know that I don't hold anything back anyway!! I'm pretty much an open book. ---- Ah, that's ironic! Pun not intended.

In fact, I have all the emails that Roland and I shared when we were "dating" again. Before I moved out here. There are hundreds of them! I cherish them. I considered printing them like a book and using them as a basis of a book - but there's something so personal about them that I am not sure I would feel comfortable. I'll think about it.

Regardless, I love keeping a journal. I grew up in a house where my aunt Ruth kept a daily journal. She wrote in it every evening after dinner was cleaned up as she was resting from the events of the day. She would keep it right by her chair - she would write things like
  • what we did that day, if there was any special event we attended, you know, like a wedding or family reunion or something
  • some new recipe that she tried
  • if my Mom was driving her crazy - afterall they were sisters, 10 yrs apart and my aunt was very controlling and my mom was argumentative - the perfect combination for trouble
  • hours that my Uncle worked - he had 2 jobs, one as a firefighter and the other as a toy salesman at a store called Swallen's
  • my cousins
  • our neighbors
  • my friends
  • my behavior
  • the weather
hey, it's my blog!! :) Well, it's a good outlet and I do appreciate everyone that reads this. You mean alot to me and I appreciate it when you comment me. Please feel free - even just a "HELLO" is nice!! Don't forget to sign up for my Frappr Map (on the left nav) and scroll down to the bottom to see Jake & Michelle's wedding pics. I'll be taking those down soon.

take care and thanks again.

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