Thursday, February 01, 2007

Skyline Chili, Cincy, and B-Drive

What is it about a friend visiting? IT’S FABULOUS!!! B-Drive is here visiting for 3 days and unfortunately those days are working days, but we knew in advance that it would be like this. Regardless, I am so happy that he is here. We have been friends for 11 years now. We met at UC, became INSTANT friends, took classes together, lived next to each other, really became integrated into each other’s lives. The last time we saw each other was Dec 2005 until yesterday. Wow!!

I watched him mature into a wonderful, responsible man – well, he was always wonderful and responsible and a man, but now he is one nice package all rolled up into one. He has a great girlfriend (who I still hope to meet soon), his own computer business, a real estate endeavor which was very successful, comes from a wonderful family and great parents, has some of the funniest friends I’ve ever seen, has the most friends of anyone I know, well traveled and a seasoned, experienced man. And on top of it all, he’s kind, sensitive and loving! I’m proud to call him my friend. Overall, I would vote him to be one of the best men I have ever met.

He has watched my kids grow up and is still very involved with them. He has always cared for them and they for him. Since he still lives in Cincy and so does my son, it’s nice to know that he’s there for moral support from time to time as needed. Honestly, he could have been my little brother and in another life, we most definitely had to be connected in some way.

So this is how we are when we’re together – we laugh, talk, drink, eat and talk more. We talk on top of each other, we debate political issues – sometimes I think we should not. Sometimes we agree, but more than likely we don’t. He’s more liberal than I am – but he also remembers a time when I was more liberal. My politics changed after 9/11 and as my kids grew up. Maybe I learned some things the hard way that he hasn’t learned, maybe it’s my upbringing coming out in me – but I am more conservative now than I used to be. So, as you can well imagine, it’s a point of debate, healthy debate I might add.

Regardless of our politics, we have a deep love, caring and best interest in mind for each other. We will remain friends the rest of our lives. Funny, how that happens in our journey. Meeting people in the strangest ways, but connecting instantly. It’s undeniable that it’s fate or kismet or whatever you may want to call it. But when it happens it’s real and it lasts. So, for the next 2 days I am going to enjoy as much of his time as I can.

Oh yea, thanks for the Skyline – he brought us an entire CASE of Skyline!! I love it!!

"Here's all you need to know about men and women: Women are crazy, and men are stupid. And the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid."

-- George Carlin

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