Thursday, March 08, 2007

The simple things in life

Yes, you know, simple things can give the most satisfaction sometimes. For example, how about a pair of shoes. It's a very simple thing, everyone has a pair of shoes, most people have multiple pairs of shoes. Some shoes are black, brown, tan, red, orange, rust, white, and more. They can be embellished with gems, beads, leather strips, bows, laces and just about anything you can think of! High heels, flats, pumps, clogs, athletic, sandles and boots. I have lots of shoes and love many of the them!

But when the Dr. doesn't allow you to wear a pair of shoes it really is a treat when you can finally give up the orthopedic shoe!! This past Monday, that happened. FINALLY - THREE MONTHS of wearing a cast, then a special ortho boot, then a regular ortho boot and now an athletic walking shoe. THANK GOODNESS!!

I am very happy with the results, so far so good. I think I will have a very functional and painfree foot. The shoes are a little tight because my foot gets swollen, but it's getting better every day. I am totally JAZZED!!

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