Saturday, March 10, 2007

Need Advice from the Dog-Lovers

Rusty is a dog-hater! He hates and attacks other dogs for no reason. Yesterday, I found out the hard way what they told us when we got him. I came home from work early so he wouldn't have to be alone while he was getting better. So, I opened the door to come in and BOLT - OUT THE DOOR HE WENT! CRAP!!!

We went after him, of course he wasn't interested in coming when he was called. Then he spotted a neighbor's dog, a Pomeranian. He ran after him - latched down on him and bit!! OH MY GOD! It was bedlam! The other lady was screaming, I was trying to get him to let go, and Roland was holding him and trying to get him off. It was insane!! A pitcher of water and INSTANTLY he let go.

Fortunately, he didn't hurt the other dog because the other dog had TONS OF FUR. I'm so glad that he was alright.

So, we can't take our puppy to the dog park, doggie daycare, or any other situation where he could play with other dogs. It's so sad. I really wanted to get a chihuahua soon and wont' be able to do that either until we get him over this agression.

I have the name of a behaviorist that I'll take him to, but if anyone has any experience, suggestions, etc. please let me know.
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