Wednesday, March 21, 2007

California Gas Prices

OH MY GOD! I don't know how much gas costs you per gallon, but in San Diego County it's about .50 more per gallon now than it was last year. It's INSANE!! I spent $3.09 per gallon this morning, about $43.00 to fill up my car and that was the CHEAPIE gas station. I've seen gas $3.07, $3.09, $3.19, $3.29 and I'm sure it's higher, those are just the ones that I drive by.

How much is gas in your area, COMMENT and let us know what city and how much!


Anonymous said...

Wow, my husband is up for a job out there. So I was online looking the prices of houses anf gas. It's only 2.74 here. I could not imagine paying that much for gas.
Terri, Gulfport,Ms

Heaven said...

As of this morning - May 8 - I've seen gas at #3.74/gallon by the airport and $3.40/gallon in my neighborhood! It's outrageous!