Thursday, March 22, 2007

Adopting a Dog

This is possibly the chihuahua that likes me enough to want to come home with us! Today at lunch, a friend and I went to the shelter. He has adopted dogs from the shelter before and he knew just what to ask about the dogs.

We liked this little girl, on the leopard dog bed. She doesn't have a name, was a stray, so she can't be adopted until Friday morning. And I'm first in line - what luck. She was friendly enough, but held her ground with her "roommate". He's the next chi in the list and he is VERY VERY friendly.

He jumped up and tried to lick us through the door and his eyes were saying "PICK ME! PICK ME!"

Then the cute, little girl growled at him and held her ground. She wanted us to Pick HER!! She growled and nipped at him, but he was the alpha because he managed to push her away from the door, then wagged his tail 100 mph and continued to try to lick us!! He barked a little, she barked a little more!

Then we saw Tiny. He is petite and I loved his coloring. He looks white in this picture, but really he's light tan, or they said he's YELLOW. His only problem was that he cowered in the corner, was shaking like a leaf, tail tucked and we couldn't tell if he was going to bite at us, growl at us or piss himself because he was scared. It really was hard to tell.

We spoke with one of the vet techs and she said that he has been scared since he arrived a few weeks ago. I'm just not sure about his behavior. After poor little Rusty, I want to be sure that we get a friendly dog. Not one with behavior issues.

This guy was lost, waiting to see if someone will claim him. I can't go see him until the weekend and I learned today that the best day to go is Wed or Thurs. We didn't see him, he's at a shelter that is kind of far but he's pretty cute!!

This is Montgomery. He was lost. He's also in a shelter that's not so close. He's a chi-mix, kind of big.

What I really want is a little, teeny, tiny, petite chihuahua. Purse dog type. Chihuahua's are loyal and one-person dogs. I want to be sure that I get just the right one.

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