Friday, March 16, 2007

Rusty, my little heartbreaker

We've only had Rusty for a couple weeks. We donated a nice fee for him, spent just as much on a vet bill, even more for toys, bed, food, accessories....but all of this is moot considering his behavior last week. I have been torn all week long about what do to with Rusty after his vicious attack of my neighbor's pomeranian.

In case you missed it, Rusty bolted out the door last Friday when I came home from work. Then he darted down the street, stopped in our neighbor's yard and attacked their adorable little pomeranian. Fortunately for the neighbor's dog he has a ton of hair. The hair saved him because Rusty was going for the kill.

We live in southern California and if you've ever been in this sort of environment you know that houses are on top of each other. In our case, I would say there are about 125 townhomes on a couple acres, all crammed in here closely together. Almost everyone has a small dog, that's all that's allowed. So, living so closely to other dogs with a dog that HATES other dogs is scary. Scary to the point that I fear what would happen if he got out again. He could kill a chihuahua no problem and there are many of them close to our home.

I am so disappointed. I feel like the rescue should have told us more than 'he doesn't like other dogs'. He's WAY BEYOND dislike - he HATES other dogs with a PASSION!! The real kicker is that I really want a dog of my own. I wanted to get a chihuahua, but couldn't find one at the time. The Jack Russell was a request from my honey. I did my research and agreed because even though they are very hyper, smart, fun, curious, loving, and he's the sweetest little dog around town. I am so attached to him and love him so much.

This is going to be hard, but we are going to give him back. He needs to live out of the reach of so many other dogs. I just know that if he stays around he will end up hurting a dog and aside from feeling horrible about the other persons dog, paying vet bills, but sadly enough, I will suffer from a lawsuit. I just can't do it.

I'm a real dog lover and I am going to keep looking, but this time, not from a rescue. I'll go to the shelter. They will only give dogs that are socialized, I might have to deal with house training but at least I won't have to a lawsuit over killing a dog or even worst, hurting a child. I feel guilty. Someone please help me. I hope that people will understand.
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