Monday, January 01, 2007

Dream about my Mom

I have to confess - the other day I saw John Edward, the psychic, on Glenn Beck's show on CNN. Someone called in and asked about "encounters" that they believe they are having with their dearly departed - how do they know if it's just them missing the departed OR the departed trying to come through. He suggests that we write down these experiences and then we can glean after so many if it's a period where we are missing them or where they were trying to communicate. So here goes:

Last night I had a dream about my Mom. [For those of you that don't know, my Mom died on Jan 30, 1992 of cancer - I quit smoking at that time.] In my dream, we (my cousin Carol, cousin Don, Mom, myself at my Aunt's (my Mom's sister) house. I think we were there because my aunt was sick, but I never did see her in the dream.

My Mom and I were talking, but I can't recall the details of the conversation at all. It was time for me to go, but I didn't have a car there. I was dropped off by a co-worker. I took my Mom's 1969 Dodge Dart and started driving up the street. I realized that I left my Mom stranded so I was going to pull over to ask if Don or Carol if they could drive her home.

Roland was walking down the street to meet with me. (specifically wearing the pink Ralph Lauren shirt I bought him - don't know if that's significant, but it stood out so clearly!) So, I pulled over to get him and call my Mom.

The next thing we were at my Mom's and she had passed. I parked her car in the garage and the garage door was made of paper, you know the kind that paper lanterns are made of - very strange. And to secure the car, we had to padlock to a post of some kind, including the battery - I don't know that part was weird.

We went inside her house and I remembered everything around, but nothing stood out except a piece of furniture that I've never seen. It was a buffet, full of linens and dining accessories. But it was VERY unique. It was a wooden and marble inlay pattern, very distinctive and totally unique. One drawer in particular was of interest to me. It was across the entire width of the piece and in the middle of the drawers. It was kind of a thin drawer, not very deep at all. Inside of it were smaller "blocks" of this same inlay wood and marble pattern, and linen napkins and so on were "wrapped" around the "blocks". It's hard to explain, but the blocks were attached to the drawer bottom with a hinge, so they would lift up and come forward, but stay attached to the drawer and I could remove the napkins and towels that were wrapped around them.

It was very quiet in my Mom's house and my entire focus was this piece of furniture.

That's it.

Now, I do have another dream from quite some time ago that has stuck with me that I feel I should write down to remember - so here it is:

It happened before I moved to California, but while I was planning the move. I was in my old room, in Reading. And I was sleeping (obviously) but in my sleep I smelled my Mom's perfume and she came to me and shook me to try to wake me up. I kept rolling over to try to stay asleep, but she kept trying to shake me and wake me. I resisted over and over again and then finally she must have given up because the shaking stopped. Of course, as things would go, when it stopped I woke up, sat up in bed and looked around for her to talk to her. I could still smell her perfume - she always wore Foxfire by Avon.


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