Friday, January 05, 2007

Starting the new year out right

Tomorrow morning we are going to see the rental agent and pay our holding deposit on the new place. Right now our living room and hallway are full of boxes that are broken down, ready to be taped and packed. I have already made a list of things that need to get done. I know it's going to be a little crowded in here for a few weeks, but it's only temporary - just until Feb 5th when we pay the rest and get the keys. Then start moving in!!

I'll try to get some pictures of the place as soon as possible and then once I have them. I'll get them posted to show you.

The weather here is a little crazy, rainy, windy, chilly. We've had the heat on every day for at least part of the day. But the good news is that it's not everyday all day long, not a long, gray, cold winter. Only a day here and a day there.

My foot is getting better, but it's at the point that the healing went fast then got to this point and I think it's slow now. I go to the Dr. on Monday to see him for the first time since the surgery. I hope he is pleased with the healing progress so far. I have followed the instructions to the letter and the swelling is mainly across the top of my foot where most of the incisions were. All to be expected. Overall, I think I'm doing good, we'll see what the Dr. thinks on Monday. Wonder when he's gonna do the left foot......hmmm.

Work going well, in fact, my job has been "re-prioritized". Simply put, I have been relieved from part of my duties and it's the part that I have the least control over, but have the most frustration due to lack of accountability. The priority is now working closer with my own group, helping them with their projects and their deliverables. Driving business requirement's docs to be delivered on time, leading reviews and signoffs. I am sure that these new priorities will challenge me as well as allow me to "shine"!

The girls will be here in 5 days. I can't wait. It seems like its been FOREVER since I saw Beka and it's only been 16 days. But so much has happened in that time! Healing, Christmas, New Years, Presents, Vacation, time with Roland, found the House, starting packing. Dr. visit and hopefully release to go back to work. I haven't seen Tamara since October over the wedding weekend. It will be good to have some time with her, talk to her, help her through her problems. I'll try to do it as a friend and mother.

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