Monday, January 08, 2007

So Cool - Home from the Dr.

no problem, I went to the Dr and much to my surprise he decided to pull the pins out of my toes. Well, I kept saying toes, but when I saw the pins and the X-Rays, it is more like my foot. On all toes except my big toe - the pins were 6 or 7 inches long - helping my bones heal straight. The big toe was smaller, about 3 inches.

I didn't know what to expect, but when he pulled them 2 didn't hurt but the other two hurt like hell. Kind of felt like I was being turned inside out or something. AAAGGHH!! But then he bandaged them up, showed me what to do and I was able to walk out of there with a different ortho boot and not have to use my crutch. Wow! Didn't expect that for quite some time. In fact, I can head back to the office and I can drive starting tomorrow. My expectation was 3 months, March, before I could drive. Now, I go back to see him in 4-5 weeks and get to the next level of healing.

He told me that the worst is behind me. Now it's just a matter of keeping propped to help the swelling go down - which is no problem, I do that all the time anyway. I can finally take a shower without a plastic bag on my foot. It's all downhill from here!!

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