Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vacation Week

I'm on vacation this week. So is my sweetie. I'm not sure that working from home over the last week and a half doesn't constitute vacation as well - but at least this vacation means I don't have to open my work laptop and read any emails.

But what it does mean is I have to take care of some things with him while he's off work. PLUS a couple of friends are visiting San Diego, so we have some plans with them.

The most important thing is to try to locate somewhere to move. I know I'm looking a little early, but it gives us plenty of time to look around and if we find something that is hard to pass up, then we can jump on it. Like a place that we looked at today. It's perfect for us - which makes me nervous because I am not getting a speedy return phone call from the rental agent that I would expect to have. I have talked to her a couple of times, but each time she was in a hurry, couldn't talk right now, will have to call me back - sometime this afternoon. OK,'s only 3:15pm HOWEVER to me that's afternoon, I finally broke down and tried to call her again - left another message and apologized for "bugging" her.

We just don't want to lose out - it's great - 2 bedrooms - really big with lots of closets. laundry room that walks out to a 1-car garage with extra room for storage. Nice size living room, half bath downstairs that is really big and a big full bathroom upstairs. We could park the car in the garage, have one assigned spot and park the truck on the street. We could actually get to use our washer and dryer instead of it sitting in the garage doing nothing. There is a pool and a jacuzzi in the subdivision so actually we would have EVERYTHING we had hoped for - and for a price that we can afford.

Now I just have to wait, I'm not too good at that. But I'm praying that it works out, keeping in mind that if it doesn't something else will be coming our way that we like and works for us just as well. If we get this it's gonna cost us extra for a couple of months. We have to give a 30 day notice and we have to stay until Feb 19th to complete our lease, so we'll have to pay Jan rent and a partial month's rent for Feb - But if this comes available and they want to rent it out Jan 1 - then we will have to pay double rent Jan 1, start moving in when the girls get here and be completely out of our apartment for inspection on Feb 15 - but pay until Feb 19. It's ok, if that's what happens, in this case, it's worth it not to lose the place we found.

In the meantime, I'm just trying to mend - letting my foot heal and trying to take good care of it. And my friends are coming by later tonight for dinner - heading out to get sushi. I'm not real hungry, but I can get a nice roll or something that I really love!!

My honey's at dialysis, I'm here by myself just relaxing. Hoping for the phone call.

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

-- Colin Powell

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