Monday, December 18, 2006

Beka's 20th Birthday

Today is Beka's 20th, my 'baby' is 20. No longer a teenager! That freaks me out!! You know what that means, I'm getting older whether I want to or not.

I'm so proud of her, she's plugging away at her college degree. She's experimenting with new subjects and classes and even when it's hard she presses forward. She's working 25 hrs a week and keeps a very positive attitude about work. They really like her, so much that she is taking her 3 weeks off to go to Cincinnati and has a job when she gets back! That's impressive.

Last night, we opened Christmas and Birthday presents with her. This is a FIRST EVER to open both at the same time and early at that. The one thing that I LOVED is after she opened her presents and some were REALLY nice - she said "Thanks! I got EVERYTHING I wanted!!!" WOW! We were so happy to hear that. She was kissing us and hugging us and happy, happy! That made me happy.

She's leaving tomorrow for 3 LONG WEEKS in Cincinnati, visiting family and friends. She's been saving money, her friends have been saving money to take her out and of course there's the holidays. She's my ambassador at all Christmas parties. She'll pass out Christmas presents at Jake's for all of the kids and we'll be on the phone. I hope everyone likes what we are getting them.

Today, she's preparing for her trip, doing laundry, getting a manicure and pedicure, then going to drive me around for the last time in 3 weeks. Man, what will I do without my driver?? I can't drive for a long time still........Roland is back at work, so I'm stuck until he can take me out. Boo-bummer!!

God Bless Beka on her birthday, I pray for safe travel to Cincinnati tomorrow and hope she has a good time in Cincinnati, stays safe and returns to me on time, in one piece and ready to get back to the routine of life in Southern Cali!!

Love you, Beka! Happy 20th Birthday!!

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