Friday, December 15, 2006

10 more days to Christmas!!

and 13 days into RECOVERY!!

Ho!Ho!Ho! What do you do to get into the holiday spirit?
  • Putting up and decorating a Christmas tree
  • Holiday shopping
  • Wrapping presents
  • Shipping presents
  • Mailing Christmas Cards
  • Baking cookies and various treats
  • Planning the Christmas Dinner
  • Attending Christmas Parties, work, neighbors, friends
  • Singing Christmas Carols
  • Watching Christmas Movies
  • Decorate your house for Christmas - inside and out
  • Go drive around your community and look at Christmas Decorations on Houses
  • Entertain guests
  • Distribute Food & Presents to Needy Families
  • Donate Food & Presents to Needy Families
  • Adopt a family off of the "Christmas Tree" in your community
  • Work at a shelter
So, this year, I've done quite a bit of these things. Some I can't do because it's only been 13 days since my surgery and by the time Christmas is here, it will only be 23 days. For something as radical as mine was, that's not much time. However, we have done quite a bit of these on the list.
If you have more things that you do to get in the spirit, please let me know! I'll compile a list and send pictures if you can and I'll post them. I'll update this blog tomorrow with tons of pictures of these activities!!

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