Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas!! I wasn't sure how I'd feel, having the surgery, if I'd be able to get into it. But I'm surprising myself, I'm really getting the Christmas Spirit. I have all my shopping done, presents were bought either before my surgery or online last week.

The presents that I bought online last week, I had them shipped directly to Jake's house. On Christmas, we can all be on the phone then Beka will play Santa (as always!!) and pass them out!! In fact, I'm giving her money to buy a Bengals Santa Hat and she can wear that to pass them out.

Roland is going to bake brownies and cookies for the kids. Not sure if Beka wants to take them on the plane or not. If not, we should ship those to Cincinnati. Still have to ship some presents for some of the kids on Beka's list, plus want to buy some gift certificates for the kids & cards with cash for the kids. Beka can take everything with her on Tuesday when she leaves.

And yesterday we mailed out Christmas cards to our family and a few friends.
We created our own this year and thumbnails in this blog are the pictures that we used. They are so adorable and it was fun going to the beach to take the pictures. Someone gave me a REALLY GOOD IDEA for our Christmas Card picture next year, so just wait until you see that!! We'll go this year and definitely take her suggestion, it will make a GREAT card.

Plus, I'm creating a 2006 Haustetter/Haire Newsletter. I'm nearly done with it and will be sending that out shortly to everyone. I've never done that before, always wanted to but it seemed so "self-serving". But, so many of my friends and family do it and I always enjoy it, so I'm going to do it too. I'll post it on my blog too, if I can.

Merry Christmas everyone!! Happy Holidays!! Happy Hannukah!!

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