Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Google is so cool!!

Ok, I have to write about technology, it's been a while and I haven't been impressed like I am right now. Google is so cool, they just keep improving their services every day. They add so many features to their products that work together so well. I just love it!!

I have tried other tools, plug-ins and methods to publish my blog independent of actually being logged in and using their editor. I used to use a blackberry, so when Blogger introduced blogging via email - I loved that. I could be anywhere and send it from my blackberry - my blog was much more spontaneous back then! I loved that the most. But then they introduced a Blogger plug-in for Word. That was nice, easy, I could format the fonts, insert pics, make it look really nice and publish directly from Word. Another nice - easy way to blog.

I upgraded to Beta Blogger, which I like alot for TONS of reasons: easy to update the blog, move collection blocks around, update HTML collection blocks easily, add, delete, modify the site in an instant, have more control over the design, more designs available, faster updates, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

I just want more and who doesn't?? I want the email thing to work, I want the word plug-in to work. But that's the only feedback I could give that isn't positive, and it's not negative, it's just an enhancement/feature I would like to see.

Now, I tried 'performancing' - don't like it, I tried some other blogging tools - didn't like them.

So, thanks Google for allowing me to update from Docs/Spreadsheets! This is so easy, so cool and I am happy to have this new feature!!

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