Friday, December 29, 2006

House Hunting

After seeing a fairly new house and falling in love with the vaulted ceilings, open, airy rooms, oversized garage and updated appliances, it's kind of hard to go back to an older house. At least it is here. The houses are so different - if they are newer then they are just as I described. If they are older, they are more like a little box, low ceilings, less sq ft, older appliances, 1 car garage with a sparking space, have nice yards, and are usually in areas that are closer to the highways, beaches, etc. because of when they were built. The problem is they are often more expensive than the new houses - so go figure.

Anyway, we went to see one of these older houses today. He didn't like it and that's ok. We're going to see a good one tomorrow - and to be honest, I hope it is the ONE so I can stop looking and start making my plans to move. With a 17 day overlap of both places, it should be pretty easy to be moved out of here on time. It actually is two-full weekends plus the day we have to be out is a Saturday, so any last minute cleaning that has to be done will be easy to do because we'll have everything out of here by then! Sounds like a good plan, now I hope and pray that's how it happens.

We have some disadvantages - Roland can't lift anything over 10-15 lbs; my foot is still in recovery so I think I'll still be wearing a "boot". Both of my daughters will be here, we do have a truck and an SUV to take things to the new place but only 2 drivers (I can't drive as long as I'm wearing the "boot"). But I can pack and unpack, organize and hang things. So I can help out alot. Just can't carry much.

We will have daily trips, weekend trips, help from the Marine's when it comes time to move in the furniture. I do have pretty much to plan and organize - Just have to secure the place!! Wish me luck!!

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