Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Surgery Day 4

Feeling much better. I have cut down my meds per my Dr's instructions - 1 to 2 tabs as needed every 4 hrs. So today, I'd down to 1 tab every 4 or 5 hrs as needed. I'm still needing it but not like it was just 2 days ago. Plus, today I was able to stand and brush my teeth, I know that doesn't sound like a big deal - but it is!! I wasn't dizzy and was able to stand long enough to brush my teeth - this is HUGE!! hehe!! I get amused very easily these days! I watched a movie with my honey last night, sitting in my wheelchair with my leg propped up. And I actually ate dinner at the table. I felt human again!!

The most fun has been being able to just relax, read, listen to the radio, musc, blog, surf the internet, read and write emails just for fun! Wow, I never get to do that.

So, as long as I keep doing what the Dr says, I am sure I'll recover just nicely. I hope to surprise him and heal faster than he expects - just like when my knee cap was fractured. They thought it would be 6-8 weeks and it was 3-4!! half the time! I guess having a healthy diet helps!! Plus, since I have no other things wrong with me, it's easier for my body to focus on one area and do the repairs needed.

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