Tuesday, October 04, 2005

On our way to CA

We got a late start yesterday, but its ok. We got everything taken care of and saw our families. It was lots of fun and both happy and sad. Didn't get to see too many friends. Good thing I saw them Thursday!

Thursday was FUN! So many of my friends came to see me off and wish me well. Thanks to all who showed up. I laughed, cried, was overjoyed and sad all at the same time. My friend from Kobe, Japan was even there! What a big surprise to see her! My friends from Atos were there. Some of my girlfriends showed up. The 'Brians' were there. The night was perfect!

I spent some time with my oldest daughter and her girlfriend. Time with my son before he took off for Amsterdam! And of course, time with my baby girl! Man, I will miss them a lot. Funny how it all played out for the moment. But tomorrow will be another adventure, for them and for me.

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